Transferring UV's and mesh


Hi all,

I am using Marvelous designer for some clothing and the garment looks ok, but I ultimately want to retopologize it. Something nice and clean. Which uses the existing UV’s.

Found this tutorial online using Maya.

Basically the process is import the 3d mesh from MD, which is triangulated, and in the correct body shape. Then import in the same thing which is flat (Kind of like what the “UV to Object” plugin within c4d does.

Ok great - we can get that far in c4d.

Then they retopologize the flat version of the meshes, and maya has the ability to copy the UV’s from the flat tri mesh onto the flat retopo mesh. I can even get to this point if I try hard enough.

The kicker is that maya can then morph the retopologoized mesh into the shape of the 3d garment because of the matching UV’s.

Kinda complicated - but yeah. Doable?


Do you have a simple export you could provide to test? Im thinking Vamp to transfer the uvs and if point orders are the same, wrapping the retopo to the original and morphing it should work


Thanks Kai! I had forgotten about Vamp.

Problem here is 2 fold. I need to retopologize The mesh flat (which is super fast and perfect). Then get the UVs onto that mesh. I can do that.

But the point order is completely different. Maya can somehow morph the new mesh onto a mesh with different point order just using UVs to match up.

It’s nice trickery


I did just that in a previous thread, together with an example file:


Ah - good info in that thread. thanks!


Thats what i was getting at with the wrapping. You morph the original flat to the posed model, and wrap the retopo flat to the original flt so that it tags along


Ha. Sorry I’m a bit slow Kai. :slight_smile: