transfering keyframes


Is there anyway to load keyframes along with objects from one scene to another? I have been trying displacment baker but haveing 14 character with 10 layers each is killing my machine:(


you can do a Load From Scene. load the scene with the object and the keyframes will stick.


yep that worked… I asked someone that I work with if that would send keyframes along with the objects and they said no…guess im not asking her again


Technically she was correct. Keyframes are not carried within the object format, but within the scene format. But again, if she was a woman… The only meaningfull question would be to ask her for a date. :slight_smile:


i ment to say that i asked her if keyframes came along when i use load object from scene


I’m working on an outside program (only because the SDK is a little above me and Director is way easier to program in than c++) that merges keys from two scenes into one scene. I have a character with a complex facial rig and wanted to make a lip-synch file and an emotion/expression file, then just merge the keys for the two into one final performance file. I’m still workin’ on it, though.


Better not let Leigh hear you say that… :argh:


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