Transfering animation from fk to ik in maya??


hi folks…!!

I am developing an animation shot in maya using NORMAN. Nw the FK switches for hands are creating issues :argh: . Is it possible to transfer/copy the animation done in hands only, from fk to IK switches??? :curious: Animation is still in blocking mode.

Though i hv concerns regarding this option but…Pls. Pls. Pls. help me out.


I don’t think that this question is in the right spot… I would suggest asking this in the Autodesk Maya and post a link to where you got the rig. I believe the rig you got was from either here or 11second Club.

I’ll try to take a shot at this. In the blocking stage you shouldn’t really worry about FK and IK switches fully. Just make sure you’re using either one in that pose. So switch when you need it. I believe after you do the switch you should record the keyframe if it doesn’t do it for you. The only time you need to tweak the FK>IK or IK>FK curves will be in splineing.

If that doesn’t help then I suggest re-downloading the NORMAN rig. Just in case there is a change that was made in the rig by accident. I accidentally did stuff to my rigs and the constraints was off with my whole shot. For now on you might want to try using proxy rigs if you haven’t already tried in Maya.

After reviewing the NORMAN rig I see so many flaws with it. The way of animating and rigging for it seems outrageous and outdated. I recommend going to the 11secondclub and downloading either the Eleven rig or Morpheus rig. There are many other free rigs in

Why I say there is flaws in the Norman rig is the knee IK polls. Another is moving the character to spots of interest is much easier than moving the root bone for stable movement.


Well i tried keyframing FK/IK switches in the shot but somehow it didn’t work out…probably will now take MORPHEUS or just re-download the NORMAN rig.
thanks :slight_smile: