Transfer Vertex Colour Attributes


Hi all,

I’m hoping somebody might have a clue as to where I’m going wrong! I watched this video;
and thought it was going to help me speed up my work flow, unfortunately despite following every step I can’t transfer the vertex colour from one mesh to another. I’ve also played around with the settings and nothing seems to work.
I have one main low poly (hollow) mesh that I have vertex painted and want to transfer the attributes to several other low poly meshes that align and sit exactly within the same space. (I have shown one of these objects here and moved the initial mesh out of the way so you can see it). The topology matches except where I have added to the top and bottom of each smaller object.
Is there something I’m missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


make sure to have in your shape node “display colors” ticked. (also having native maya shader like lambert etc for displaying vertex colors and sometimes assigning a new fresh shader could help in some cases)


Hi Onouris,

Thanks for your reply. I checked the Display Colours setting and it was ticked. I assigned a new material to the mesh I wanted to transfer the attributes to and made sure that box was checked as well, but still no joy unfortunately.

Thank you anyway.


is this specific to this shape ?
if you can share your scene or just these two shapes i may have a look on it. Would be easier to diagnose the problem.


I basically have a bunch of low poly rocks that are to be broken up in game, so I created the original whole version and then broke this down into smaller parts. As I don’t want to vertex paint every individual piece, I thought transferring attributes from the original asset would speed things up for me. I have a lot of these assets to do, so it’s time consuming.
Forgive my ignorance, but how can I share my scene? Are you talking screenshots or the file itself? As you can tell, I don’t post in forums very often!!
I’ve positioned the meshes in the pic so you can see the individual pieces, but they are occupying exactly the same space when I transfer the attributes. I’ve tried doing them individually and as a group.


you can use this type of sites to share files

Also why don’t you just duplicate your colored mesh then split it into pieces that way your pieces will still have their original color


If I duplicate I have to split the geometry and create new topology for each new mesh. These new faces won’t have any vertex colour. I have nine assets split into five pieces, so in total that’s 45 models to do. Way too labour intensive!!! :eek:


Okay, I have absolutely no idea why this has happened. I exported my group of objects into a new scene so that I could share them with you. I thought while I was at it I might as well try to transfer the attributes to see if it would work in a fresh scene. Lo and behold it did it!!!
Thanks so much for your help. I wouldn’t have done that if you hadn’t asked to look at the file!

Best regards!


maya can be picky with vertex color, sometimes it’s good to check your colorset or delete them to create new ones