Transfer bones weights between model



I have a model a humanoid lizard model already skinned and a clone of this same model that has been skinned using MIxamo for use with Unity. I’ve been trying with no success to transfer the weights from the tail bones to this clone model (since Mixamo only works with a default human skeleton). I achieved to tranfer only the tail bones weights by skin wrap but then it looses the weights that affect some vertices from the torso bone.

Is there a way to merge these vertices weights between these two models? Ideally, I’d like to tranfer the weights from the original model to this this model without losing the current skin (just merge).

Thank you.


Take a look at Skin Utilities. You can merge several meshes with extracted Skin Data and import it back to your destination mesh. Then again you should also be able to use multiple source meshes with Skin Wrap.

If only a few vertices don"t get picked up, try to look if there’s an active cutoff somewhere (number of bones per vertex, minimum influence, distance, affect all vertices etc.)