Transfer Backburner jobs to another manager?


I have about 30 jobs left in my Backburner queue. Just found out the computer that is running the manager application will be removed in a couple hours.

Don’t want to have to re-send all those jobs to another manager.

I’m hoping there is a way to transfer the jobs to another manager and then just point my servers towards the new manager and they get back to work.

Any help would be appreciated.


Eeek, not fun. Not sure if it works, but depending on how your BB is setup, you should be able to find the job folders in one of these two places depending on if you’re running it manually under a user or automatically as a service. With any luck you can just copy those folders from one to another and be okay (once you also point the servers to the new manager…)



Thanks for replying.

Yeah, I found the “jobs” folder (C: > User > AppData > Local > Backburner > Jobs). The information for each job is dropped in an individual temp folder. Unfortunately, the folder names have a random code in front of the name of the job.

Example: Job1, Job2, Job3 becomes 3245naol23 Job1, 90aad1q Job2, am320dmal Job3

I’m not 100% why it does that but that prevents being able to simply copy these folders to another computer. When you copy these over to the same folder on a new computer, backburner on the new computer doesn’t recognize them.

An Autodesk tech over in the AREA forums confirmed this and informed me there was no way to transfer jobs between managers.

No big deal. It’s a super rare occasion that you’ll lose your manager in the middle of a render when you happen to have a lot of render still in the queue.



I know this is an old thread but you can do it. Just copy all of the files and folders over to the new ‘backburner’ path on the new manager machine. I do it frequently. I skip the following though and just copy ALL of the others.