Really good composition. Lighting is good (but maybe a bit washed out). My only compliant besides what others have noted on engine) is that how do you see where you are driving? There is a frame support right in front of the driver’s seat and the massive tread just in front of the frame support. Hard to see what’s in front of you…cameras and an internal display maybe?


yes exactly… cameras , internal displays, sensors, infra-red etc …
all mod cons :slight_smile:


First of all… Good use of colors… and about the design on the vehicle… at a single glance it looks Awesome… totally like a thing u want to be driving on desert… But as our fellow members have said… Moving with a single track / minimum space for engine might be an issue…

Anyway… I like what you have done here… Wish you luck…


this is a very original vehicle
not exactly syd style, but good design


very cool image, the design of the vehicle is great :slight_smile:


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