Concept design for an all terrain pursuit vehicle.


very nice vehicle,and nicely render,in my opinion the best entry so far.


Very nice! :slight_smile:


Love it! Very original design, nice final illustration. How did you create the image? 3d, 2d, both?

This is a similar environment that I’m thinking of putting my vehicle in, hope I can do as good a job as this.


how will it turn left or right it has only one track?


it leans over, like you would kind of on a motorbike.


Very creative! I like the ambiance.
I am curious about the leaning as it has a flat track.


agree about turning this thing. And got another question - what moves that heavy track? i don`t see any kind of engine or even space for it. There are 2 sits behind glass and that heavy track, nothing more


thats a unique design, really nice. but, others observation seems to be right, theres not enough space for engine.


I like it. However, I believe you may want to review it and fix that track. It looks like you did a mirror and forgot that it’s asymetrical. As it is now half the segments are pointing towards the other half…

P.S.: Being none of my business, I propose some future form of linear motor hidden in the track as a good explanation of why there is no engine anywhere at sight. :hmm:

P.S.2: For those curious about leaning tracks, you may want to have a look at this(and follow the links there).


Bearfoot your concepts are so cool. Im your fan. Good luck master!



Please, observe that Hyanide and Baal motorcycles have round tracks which allow leaning.
Bearfoot’s have flat ones which make me curious of how the vehicle leans over. Could you help me figuring it out?


Oops. The links are broken. I think this may clarify. Also here for a different concept.

Please note that I didn’t mean that bearfoot’s design might work, but that such things as leaning or steering on only one track do exist.


I have got your point, thanks for straighting it up.


mujambee - not that simple ) Only leaning wont let you turn your vehicle "nice and smoth" (why all the bikes still have turning front wheel if its not necessary like you think?). If you didn`t notice, that “Hyanide” concept has curved tracks + turning mechanism.

So doubts still there ))

Anyway JUDGES will make final decisions, relax ))))))


Were is the engine? I dont see anything but a hallow seat inside. Turning is a problem with this design. What happens when its up on the hill, this thing will roll over so many time it might fall flat… these are the things you need to overlook before effectively submitting a final.


LOVE this! :applause:

Striking composition! I think your concept is FABULOUS! good luck!


Realistic or not it is very futuristic (which I think was at least one of the points in this competition) and it looks so interesting, I love it.
If the judges are expecting something that could be built today in a futuristic vehicle design, well, that’s their way of looking at it then. In any case I like this one.


very stylish render and great idea! I like the overall concept and the small details :wink:

good luck! You are on my virtual podium :slight_smile:


wow. this is awesome,

i like the characters as well.
For the engineprobelm you could pitch up some solarpanels or use a sail, if you are on a very windy planet.

I like it very much. good luck.