Training DVDs worth it?


I am looking at Foundation version of XSI, and downloaded the demo this past weekend. I noticed that the training DVDs will only be included if purchased by the 14th. Are the DVD’s good? If they are I would go ahead and purchase, and if I don’t like XSI just sell it. If the DVDs are just So So, I would continue using the Demo and make my decision after it expires.


IMO theyre worth it. You`ll learn plenty. I think any XSI training material is good as there is a shortage compared to 3ds or maya.

Buy and be happy!


You can NOT deside to not buy XSI… :wink:


They are great in my opinion. They cover the thing you need to get started with XSI.
Theres also lots of really col stuff if you allready know XSI.



and if I don’t like XSI just sell it
If I’m not mistaken, XSI:FND license is untransferrable. You won’t be able to sell it. Also the DVD’s are FLASH, not DVD video. So you won’t be able to view them on a standard home theatre dvd player.

Just a heads up before you make a purchase with that in mind.



IMHO, they totally worth it. They have in depth coverage of some aspects of XSI that is not easy to learn whether reading the manual or trying to figure out yourself. However, in some areas as texturing for instance, they aren´t as easy to follow as the modeling part. I felt lost sometimes cause they don´t cover some basic stuff, so I had to give a good look in the help files as well.

The lack of continuity between different modules also bother me sometimes, but you will have A LOT OF INFORMATION from them. I haven´t seen all DVDs yet, but from what I´ve seen so far, I have reduced learning curve considerably.


yes they’re worth it. The pdfs that come with 'em are well worth a peruse :slight_smile:


For free their worth it.

For $200 I’d probably not be totally happy with them.

They’re good, but not well put together. They don’t seem to have actually been planned out. There more like a bunch of tutorials done by various people at various times for various reasons all put together on a DVD. Since they’re Flash based, you can’t fast forward or rewind the videos - nor can you play them on a standard DVD player.

I’d recommend getting Abelfish’s introduction to XSI video over on as a supplement to the DVDs that come with Foundation. It’s excellent.




Thanks for all your comments. I did not know that Foundation’s license could not be transferred. I will have to think on this some more.


Since they’re Flash based, you can’t fast forward or rewind the videos

actually you can, there’s a little submenu in the slider that lets you scrub the currently playing file. Took me a while, but i did find it.



Another vote for 3D Tutorial. Just bought it myself and it’s fantastic, pretty comprehensive and well paced. Top notch stuff.


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