Trailer Brera


I found this trailer for the new Alfa Romeos’ car Brera. Made by Vytro



very short, but looks cool is there gonna be a series of these animations?


The hole movie is ready to download now on the site, however the site seem to be unreachable.
I have uploaded the video here


cool im interested 2 see wot this is about


why don’t you upload it to Google Video for all to see. You can even charge for viewing if it’s that cool and it does look pretty cool…

Oops posted before I saw the thing. The sight almost looked like a movie sight. It was a cool commercial. I thought the poster was the one who made it.

I thought it was a series or something.


Are you suggesting he uploads someone elses work on google video and charge to view it (which is a car commercial to start with) , or am i not understanding you correctly?


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