trail for particles?


hi how can i create trails for an animated particle object?i want to animate with a turbulance field but although i try it just doesn’t work


u have to select the particles of your particleSystem and use --> emitt from object.

so on now the first particles get a trail of other particle which u can set individually to your what ever u want your trail to look like.

make a turbulence field and connect it to the second Particles. ready.

Particle emitts Particle - > is it that what u wanted?



try using more than one turbulance field, one of them -let’s say the master - has low frequency, the others r with higher frequency. And don’t forget to lower the conserve value of ur particles. If u want to have some sort of more control on where the particles r heading try using goals too.

Hope this will help in addition 4 what heavy has already mentioned. . .


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