Traditional Drawing Supplies


Find a web/book printer and ask what do they do with the ends of the reels “butts” and if they have any to spare
I managed to pick up a reel that still had 100feet of paper left on it, it was also 30 inches wide
The cost…a conversation :slight_smile:
What a lot of printers do with their left over butts is pulp them, so as you can gather a massive amount of paper goes in the recycle bin

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where can you purchase these items in the UK. anyone know of some internet sites you can buy them from?

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Hey there guys, well I’m not really new here nor am I new to drawing. The thing is, i used to draw with the same pencils over and over again, I have tried some mechenical pencils as well but nothing too much. On the internet I’ve seen artists use this lead holder with a really sharp and nice tube of lead in it. What I mean, is the ones they use here:

What is this for kind of pencil? Is it just a holder and do people buy these leads seperately or can you buy them as a set? Where can i buy one (with a good price/qualtiy)?

I think it really is a big noob question, but It looks really nice to draw with and I just want to try it :scream: Thanks in advance

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I think it’s just a drafting pencil, the kind used for architectural and perspective drawings. It comes with a special kind of pencil sharpener. I’d just take a photo of the kind of pencil you want to any art store, they should carry these kinds of pencils, sharpeners, and leads.



Nice thread.

stipick_S - Nice tips on the Silverpoint, will try that out. :slight_smile:

Cretacolor Nero - want to share my experience with it here.

What is that ? Cretacolor Nero Stick is a different charcoal pencil, produces the darkest blacks possible, waterproof and doesn’t blurs easily while drawing.
How is that possible? It is compressed charcoal with natural oils (as it reads on Cretacolor website) and some waxes (as I read somewhere else from Cretacolor), this makes this pencil ´unique´.
It has 5 different grades, the number 1 is the darkest and extra-soft.
First time I saw it was with Alex Oliver (Oliveira), he was drawing a KingKong over a Winsor 300g paper, that was so impressive, not only the drawing quality that is obvious to come out from his artworks, but for the image was ´popping out´ from the paper, so strongly, it couldn’t be graphite, there was no reflection at all, looked like charcoal, but was not, and he could draw from light to deep shadows with it.
Now I use it with some studies and generally to get deep darks without reflection, works better than charcoal.
Hope it is useful.