TradigiTools for CINEMA 4D Available now!


Greetings everyone I am happy to announce that TradigiTOOLs for CINEMA 4D is now available for download.

Download and Installation Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. On the right side, you should see an option that says “Download Zip”. Click it to download the source zip.
  3. Unzip that file. In the unzipped folder will be a cinema 4D folder. Go inside there to see a tradigiTOOLs folder. Copy this folder.
  4. Paste the folder into your plugins folder(it’s best if you open CINEMA, press CTRL+E, click the Open Preferences Folder and paste into that plugin folder).
  5. Relaunch CINEMA. You can find the plugin from the plugins menu.

Features of TradigiTOOLs:

[li]Create Breakdowns that favor previous or next pose
[/li][li]Easily retime you animation to be on 1’s, 2’s, or whatever you please
[/li][li]Easily add or remove frames between keys
[/li][li]Easy Access to default interpolation type
[/li][li]Change all key interpolations without going into the timeline
[/li][li]All this and more!

Please visit the vimeo link below to see a demonstration video of the plugin features

About TradigiTOOLs:

Copyright 2007 - 2013 FUNHouse Interactive.

Original Design: Dimos Vrysellas, Charles Wardlaw
Original C++ Conversion: Chris Zurbrigg
Cinema 4D Version: Bret Bays

tradigiTOOLs is a helpful plugin for Maya (and now Cinema 4D) that promotes a more traditional workflow for animation with digital tools. It helps set keys and breakdowns, and has numerous workflow tools which were designed to make an animator’s life easier.

It has been used extensively by studios in North America, and by many students of animation schools.

We are open sourcing the plugin in the hopes that it will gain a life of its own and continue to be used by animators, both hobbyist and professional, all over the world.

The source is released under the BSD license. If you use the source for anything, we’d appreciate an email (and a link to your project!).


Looks to be very handy, thanks for sharing Bret!



looks like a usefull tool indeed. Thank you very much!



I’ll be using it since i started off using the maya version. thanks guys


Great keyframing tool !
Many thanks for putting all the effort in & even more generous to release it for free !


Thanks for sharing Bret!
Looks like a useful tool.


Glad you all seem to like it. The praise for making it free belongs to FUNhouse for making the decision. I just did what I was told. :).


Looks cool Bret, thanks to you and FUNhouse for creating/sharing it.

I’m curious about something that maybe you might have explored while building it. - In TweenMachine for Maya there’s a nice feature where it can tell if you have attributes selected in the channel box and if you do then it will only tween those channels. So for example if you want to change the spacing on the rotation but not the translation or on a custom attribute but not the coordinate keys then you just highlight those in the CB and TweenMachine will only adjust the keys for those channels.

As you might remember I wrote a TweenMachine tool for C4D a while back and that’s the one feature I miss from the Maya version (in fact I liked my C4D version better than TweenMachine in some ways so I wrote one for Maya too and I added that ChannelBox check to it and find I use it quite a bit sometimes.

Long story short - do you reckon there’s a way in C4D to tell what is highlighted in the Attribute Manager? Like when you highlight several coordinates and then right-click add key and that kind of thing? Or maybe that element of the gui interaction is not scriptable?



To the best of my knowledge, that’s not scriptable. It may be in C++, but I don’t believe it is accessible in python.


It’s finished! Awesome dude! I can’t wait to get playing with this.



Thanks Bret, I guessed that might be the case, good to know in any case.



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