nice detailing mate. Good to see a fellow brit on here.


Yea, the comments about the light on her are very true… would add quite a bit of ambient to the foreground and would give a bit more gravity to the cloth. But, in the end, it is a really exceptional image. Good work!


Thank you all so much !!
I appreciate the time you took for your kind comments and relevant critics


The bike is cool, but what really works for me in this is the lighting and color palette. You’ve really captured that NAV feel for the entire work, not just the vehicle.


One of the nicest 3D work I’ve seen in this comp. I agree with others’ comments about lighting, but maybe some color correction would suffice.

I like the way the bike body is, to a certain degree, designed ergonomically and it would probably be even nicer to see that girl in the riding pose, what with handlebars being so low and to the front and with footpegs being so far back, it would be almost too provocative :slight_smile:

The only real crit I can think of, and this seems to be common problem with bike designs in this competition, is that the tyres appear too flat, which would make any kind of turning near to impossible. Although this could be purely a trick of the light, or insufficient reflection on the tyre. I can’t tell for sure.


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