Hi everybody !

Here is the Trace concept, Moto for everyday and everyone.

The road is a photovoltaic system that produces energy and transmits it to the vehicle by waves.

The wheels are composed of different slices which can by changed independently if it breaks.


Wow. I figured the last minute entries would be good, but this is breath taking. Wonderful job all around. Good luck.




very nice concept !


Thank you guys :wink:


looks light weight and maneuverable, with load of braking power!, little grills nice aswell (:


Gorgeous. Japanese dirt bike meets future BMX. I especially love the girl’s fashion sense. A+++!

PS Love the very subtle texturing.


As I already said to you,the bike is awesome and the character,as usual,is amazing!

great job mate


Very nice work! character fits very well. Some materials on bike could be altered and wheels, these greenish tires don’t blend in very well, could be orange or simply black, with more reflection.
Other then that looks very cool :wink:


Nice work and good design. :thumbsup:


Nice work mate :slight_smile:


Great concept, beautifully presented - well done!


Nice picture my friend, I would crank up the light on her, just a touch, to make sure she doesn’t get lost in bg. Nice bike and character pose:thumbsup:
I know a good place to post wips too :wink:
keep it up!


Funny, I told him the same this morning on MSN :bounce:


Thank you all for your comments.
I will follow your advice and tweak the lighting. But it will to late for the contest, it will for my personnal pleasure :slight_smile:

PascalR : I know what you mean about the wip. I thought to do it :slight_smile:


Great composition of a startling bike concept - I want a black version…


Looks great !!!
I love the design of the bike !
Awesome work !


Very nice pic Nzo , great character with a great pose:thumbsup: . groovy man ! :thumbsup:


I love motorcycles, your concept is really very good! very beautiful picture! Good luck NZO :thumbsup:


nice design!