Trabant project, created for August Horch Museum


Hi everybody
I can finally share the project I did this year for August Horch Museum and o_konzept agency Zwickau. It´s fully modeled Trabant car including a tunning package. It is used by an interactive way, so a museum visitor can improve the car onto a tunned one.

All the renders you can see here are my personal shots only, if you want to show more, visit the museum. I did also other artworks there.

Modeled, shaded, textured, rendered, CINEMA 4D (+Affinity Photo), Postproduction - BlackMagicDesign Fusion, rendered on AMDThreadRipper 1950. I do love the beast.

I hope you like it,



PS: full resolutions are here:

or here


Nice work as usual!


Excellent job!
Is a long time ago when i last spotted one of those in the wild. They were quite noisy I remember.



epic work Pavel.


That 26 PS Ottomotor was a roaring beast. :slight_smile:

Very nice project.


fantastic work!



many thanks friends, you are too nice, could you explain me why I really forgot on you, Dann? I mean your renderfarm… I will keep it in my mind for the future, because you was the best :slight_smile:



Nice work. But because of your tuned Trabant, the STASI may take an interest in you. :smiley:


hehe, who cares, a former Czechoslovakia “stasi” (StB) Agent is our new prime minister…



thank you for the kind words, still here, probably don’t hear too much because RK does not deal in hype, no games, just trying to provide a good solid service for working with professional users as best as it can…