Toyota Supra, Junhuang (3D)


Title: Toyota Supra
Name: Junhuang
Country: China
Software: 3dsmax6

This car is refit to be a racing cycle.The idea from the game name needforspeed.I like that game,and make this model by referrence the game.It just use the 3dsmax polytool,and I use 3dsmax6 render plugins finalrender to render. ehhh… the finalrender is slowly out of my imagine.I think the reflection will waste many time to deal with the AA.May be next I will try the vray.wellcome the criticize.

edit in 8.20
modify some bug and render it again


Nicely done, but there are 2 things to be critized:
first, the tires, they look too cartonish, and no realistic
second, the glass, it looks like the whole interior is filled with glass. Try using a complete object for the glass and not just a planar-like. (difficult to explain in english)



thanks very much !
the ties maybe the rendering is bad,because i not use the Global Illumination , so it is to dark too see.
the glass i find this bug too.i will try to solve it.because the rendering is too slow. it can’t be quick.ehhh.thanks again!

the tie


awesome model man…like the colors…nice modeling


thank you!


Wow I like it.
Looks like something from fast and the furious.

I like it a lot.


This is one of my favorite cars, I’m hoping to get to honour to drive one of them some day, and I can tell you, I would be glad to drive yours, great model, and original painting :thumbsup:


great model…vnice under-lighting.


Nice work you have there. I especially like the flame graphics. You even modelled the fuel-filler cap…which many artists do not do. Good work!



thanks everyone!
I try to solve the bug and rendering again.I hope u like it.




thank you!


check some references, the head lights aren’t like that
and BIGGER RIMS PLEASE :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty nice job :smiley:


oh thank you very much!


I have never seen something so beautiful :cry: I love the cars modified :thumbsup:

Gooooooooooood job


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