Toyota Matrix "Break Away", Richard Rosenman (ANIMATION)


Title: Toyota Matrix “Break Away”
Name: Richard Rosenman
Country: Canada
Software: 3dsmax 6 Vray Combustion.
Submitted: 11th August 2004

Recently finished this spot which is currently playing in theatres across CANADA. We only had 1 month production time.

Quick n’ dirty credits:
Directed by Richard Rosenman and Andy Knight.
Vehicle modeled by Ben Pilgrim.
Android modeled by Chris Crozier.
Boujou tracking by Chris Crozier.
Vehicle rig by Mike Oliver.
Animation by Richard Rosenman, Mike Oliver, Chris Crozier and Ben Pilgrim.
“Blobby” animation by Kyle Dunlevy.
On-site photography by Chris Stewart.
Lighting and rendering by Richard Rosenman and Mike Oliver.
Composited by Brad Husband.

Produced at Redrover Studios Ltd.

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rofl crazy awsome work

stunning :thumbsup:


I’ve seen this advertisement play in movie theatres and its pretty freakin cool!


Thaaats sooo cool!!! :buttrock: :buttrock:
lovin it… WEEE


I really loved the android girl… I understand she was filmed and you did the motion tracking and added the machinery afterwards right?

And the flying camera was totaly 3D wasn’t it? -the lighting in this whole video is great. it’s really a difficult task (and CPU consuming) doing this kind of lighting, isn’t it?


this is freakin amazing, I love it

is everything 3d? or just bits and pieces?

whatever the case props to you, plus I’m stoked you’re canadian, that’s hawt

be ha


WOW!!! That was awesome!!! Pretty cool music too.

But why did the cars leave behind bits of… themselves?

Either way, still a VERY cool looking ad!

Great work!!!


I like how the animated chick is in the car with them in the end


Cool. I love the adv but I dislike the Car. :wink:


very nice… hey can anyone tell me more details on this soundtrack i really loved it:)


wow wow! awesome is so so pretty, music thats cool !!!:buttrock:


excellent commercial spot, the idea is so great ! very good work


i wish i had that kind of power…both production-wise…and vehicle-wise:scream:


yeah ! ! ! !exelent work ! very dynamic & very fun !!!:buttrock:


Idea behind it is outstanding! :thumbsup:
Tho composing could use more tweaking in some shots.


Cool commercial. Funny to see Sam the Record Man in the footage.:smiley:


:thumbsup: this is freakin amazing


Congrats on a really fresh and enetertaining spot.

The cyborg girl freaks me out a bit, but I guess something was needed to show a futuristic
feel.Just as someone else said the remaining blobs were a bit distracting they should have fallen down like drops of fluid or something leaving marks behind.

The lighting and the animation on the cars are really cool and dynamic. I wonder if it was full CG all the way ? Especially the final skiding shot right before the end.

Execellent work, and on a really tight deadline two.

  • I wonder if I could have
    Mario over to fix my toilet ?
  • It’s getting really hot in here. :slight_smile:


W O W !


That’s really awesome, haven’t seen something as cool in a while.

Unique, creative, stylish, exciting and cool :slight_smile: