Toyota Celica [WIP]



this is my very first car i can show you without getting embaressed i think!


p.s.: how are you doing the lights and tires?


Hi Flashpoint :slight_smile: , if this is your very first car I think that is not so bad :thumbsup: , but you should take care about the entire mesh, at first sight I can see (or al least I thought) some weird surfaces in the model, maybe for excesive tri’s, check it. And some areas of the car looks so smoothed like in the doors

Any way it’s a WIP, so keep working :thumbsup: and let’s see how it looks when finished.


you are right, the mesh is partly still a little messy.
if you want to see more pics and the progress, go to, there you can upload more. link:


here’s my current work:

any critiques?

how do i do the lights? dont have any clue how to approch them.
have problems with the profile of the tires


k, thats really good for a first car model :). as for your lights.

  1. extrude a well for the lights into your car (btw, you actually have to model everything for these lights, dont cheat on me and texturing shakes fist lol)
  2. seperate it from the rest of the car and give it a high reflectivity
  3. add a cylinder and play around with it until it’ll fit roughly a quater of the well. and have it placed towards the farthest (most… back?) corner of the light (you know how the headlights sweep back eh?) anyways, you go on to model that little organge turning light into the front tip of the light. once all that is done, add domes to the tips of cylinder and square. give them a tranlucent … material. (white, orange)
  4. add a covering. it looks as though you already have one. give it depth (as in extrude it down a bit) and give it a refractive material.
  5. render and play around. this wont give you somethign perfect, but if you understand this, you can go on to improve your skillz





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