Toyota 2000gt, Johan Lundborg (3D)


Title: Toyota 2000gt
Name: Johan Lundborg
Country: Sweden
Software: 3d Studio Max 6, Brazil

This is one of my favorite Classic Japanese sports car, the Toyota 2000GT.
My second highpoly car I’ve made and it took about 40h to finish. Rendering was made using only one light and one lighbox to simulate a real lightsource.

All crits welcome but be nice :slight_smile:


I like it. Nice lighting. Only reflection on edge od rooftop bother me - it looks more like some type of error than reflected light.


Sweet headlights. I think the hard edge of the reflected box looks fine on the hood, but funny on the windshield and roof.



I think it’s becuase of that the lighbox ends just there. I used an arealight for this and so I made the lightbox the same size to make it fit the light. So in this angle it just looks a bit funny nothing strange at all.

I’m glad you like it though :slight_smile: this is just my second try in making a highpoly car.


Nice looking car, i do agree with “INTiE” some reflection areas r bit odd, and u made standard mistake, no Wipers:)

Good work though


Good model, and an original choice for a car. I think the headlights need a bit more smoothing, I can see some polies. Other than that, great stuff.


Fine work,good render,good model.:thumbsup:


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