Toy Fairys 2, Alexander Hedstrom (3D)


Great Mood and awsome POV… Would make a great scene in a movie!


i like it,


Extraordinary and inspirational. congratulations. Very moody too:buttrock:


Very very nice
it reminds me a little the “Dark Cristal” universe… see what i mean ? :slight_smile:
i love that kind of strange mood…

good continuation


• Very good illumination and colors
I Like this image so much I decided to set it as my new Wallpaper, so now everyday I see it and remember ur name, also saw u in rattlesnake and sacha’s thread and I decided to make my own version of a fairy, Magic is in the air isn’t it?
• I hope I can make as good as yours :thumbsup:
5 stars from me


wow love the wings, my only crit is the pic is a bit too dark, but other then that I love it!


awsome work…no coments…is perfect :bounce:


superb!:thumbsup: great textures


Love the concept, colors, mood, in fact everything! :eek:

BTW you don’t happen to have a bigger image? I would like to use it as a Wallpaper. :slight_smile:

5 Stars here!


Aww, the colors are so beautiful…the whole scenery is stunning. Great image.


Hey dude,

This is the first time i’ve seen your work and I really like it. Its hard to show a darker side to a story involving pixies… but I think youve achieved that nicely… and without a doubt more powerfully.

Top notch :buttrock:


I really love your work! looks like an illustration!


WOW this is really great stuff :thumbsup: I really like the mood and the interaction between caracters.


ELFS are handsome and charming!You really did a wonderful jod!


FANTASTIC.I like the atemsphere.




Wow! I am really blown away by this image. I wish I had your talent for 3d work. It’s so wonderful and I love the mood and lighting!


:eek: my god!very great!


Amazing. Love your style, and love this piece of art work!


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