Toy Fairys 2, Alexander Hedstrom (3D)


Title: Toy Fairys 2
Name: Alexander Hedstrom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: (Other), BodyPaint, CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

all is modeld in freeform concept,
early morning in deep forest and pappa fairy is pist of on doughter that flirts whith boy , and in his opinion they have to be married first.
i hope you like it. see you…


You are an outstanding artist, plain and simple!


Amazing ! I like your stil. Looks like painted.


Amazing work!
It seems that looks at the medieval oil painting.
5 stars


Supreme:)…nice nice work Alex.h!. you have nice style compliments another good work.



Once again, Great Work! :thumbsup:


I´m sitting here and look at this picture, with my Venetian blinds down, in the dark, and just feel the feeling of a dark mystical forest… And cant help wondering, if this artist have seen some fairys in real… anyway…

wonderful atmosphere, and the range of colours just perfect… love all the details it…
truly excellent picture… :bounce:


Cool. The execution is just perfect!





WOW it’s perfect


Amazing work, very well done! :thumbsup:


nice work !!!


excellent work alex
you achieved a great atmosphere :thumbsup:


excellent work Alex. Really nice colour scheme.


Great work alex ! I really love the models.

My only crits are about the lighting. Changing that a little could make the scene even more interesting than it already is.


wow great piece of art here, it has a nice forrest atmosphere. Good lightning, textures and work on the models I must say!

Perhaps one minor thing is that contrast is somehow a bit low, but nothing serious though.


wonderful artwork! I really like the mood of the piece, and the style is amazing.


beautiful work alex,
i like this revision and final version so much more, great work man keep it coming :slight_smile:


Wow great artwork…But what is the one in the middle doing acutally? Is she dancing, body language…and there needs to be a bit more lighting.

Other than that…WOW!:applause:


Beautiful piece of work Alex, and you finished this texturing really fast too!