Toxik / composite users


Hi all,

If you use Toxik/Composite, I would be willing you to join aera toxik community. It is very active, with some high end user and some autodesk guys allways open to answer any question about the user of this software. The more people here, the better for every users :
We use Toxik 2012 (hotfix is here on maya and max support pages) for a year now and I didn’t find active Toxik forums apart on aera. VFXtalkhave no one at all, fxguidehave a forum but not really active.
Also, a nice and active blog you have to know : EnigmaFX


PS : I’m not from and have nothing to do with Autodesk. I just think an active community about a software we use for production is allways a plus !


Thanks for posting it, I’m terrible with Toxik.


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