Toxik/Composite motion blur



I have a question regarding the enigmatic Toxik/Maya Composite.

I’d like to know how to use the motion blur from the reaction tool (and maybe depth of field?). It would be a great help, and despite of reading everything I have found talking about the Reaction tool, I have absolutely no idea how it works and what it does. Any tutorial for the motion blur? The help files say I need to turn on the software renderer in order to make the motion blur work. Is it another way to say: render the sequence if you would like to see the effect of this tool?

I have been using the motio tool with the blur tool until now, and I am satisfied with the workflow and results, even if I find it (motio) very slow.



I found this about reaction:


mblur in reaction is different from motio/mblur tools. Reaction provide real motion blur based on layers movements in 3d environement. Motio track image references to defines some vector that will serve mblur node, like a velocity pass. About motio slowness, you can simply cache it (IR) once done. With SSD drive and proper IR on import nodes and when some part of the tree are done, I’m working on Composite in pretty realtime on standard machine (i7 8go ram).


Yeah, similar to after effect’s motion blur switch on layers, rather than an image motion blur.


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