Tower orcs demolition LOTR


Hello, it’s my first wip here and I’m glad to share with you a personal project :slight_smile:
I’m a fan of Lord of the rings and in The return of the king there is a scene where a rock hit and explose an orc’s tower. And I would like to make a similar vfx shot.

Here my modeling and rendering test with 3DSmax and V-ray.

I hope you like and my english is understandable


Here my last preview of the simulation :



the actual demolition looks pretty nice and I also like, that the stone is coming towards the camera, however the camera move could be somewhat smoother and more exciting, plus the tower needs to collaps of course, but I’m sure that you still plan to do this. Which tool do you use for the simulation?


nice start buddy.

Like The_FubaR said, play a little bit more with your camera.


Thank you for your comments I’m working on it


Here the smoke pass done with FumeFX (on Youtube) :


Looks nice, on the model itself I think the holes in the fabric look like pretty solid clean cut outs?

Keep it up


Nice effect, but the smoke doesn’t seems to be in proportion with your siege tower. You should give her more density, then if you know how to do it, make it snap to your projectile when it blows it up.


Nice test.
It would be great if the whole tower is collapsed after a few seconds.

I don’t like rock simulation-animation, it feels somehow very light.
Maybe you should re-simulate the rock after the impact is done, and made it much heavier (slower perhaps), and more affected by gravity.

Also, some better camera angle would be great (or few still cameras, with smart cuts).


I’m glad you like the wip I will try to do my best :slight_smile:

@ Kushy Thank you, about holes in the fabric, it’s a garment maker with deleted faces and relax, I will try to have a better aspect during the simulation

@ Ulwaen, You’re right about smoke density ! and I have reduced the snap to my projectiles so now I will test to add a little bit more velocity.

@ d4rk3lf merci :slight_smile: You’re right too, thank you about the rock simulation that I will make more heavy with less bounce and more friction. And I’m going to collapse the tower after the firest impact.

I have simulated this week end , a volume fog/dust with fumefx. Now I work on your suggestions, thank you.

Good evening


I have follow your ideas, and after many many simulation to have that I wanted, I can now share with you, the simulation of RBD, a little simulation of cloth on the top and FumeFX. :slight_smile:



It’s looking better about the blowing up of the object. The effect is epic ^^
About the smoke it’s good too :wink:
Did you get some issue about how to make the dust snap to projecticle, or it’s your personnal wish. Because it’s seems it’s snaping on your elements at the end of the simulation. But maybe it’s just because it’s falling down on it ^^
Nice work by the way!


Nice. I really like it. The stone seems to be much heavier now. Good job! Keep it up.


Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

About dust snaping, at the collision it’s snap on fragments (not too much about velocity) and for the most bigger objects wich falling down I’ve create an emission of dust along their shape to add more détails.

If you have any question feel free.


After a long while, I have an update with final render (I must add a background)
I hope you will like it :slight_smile:



Looks pretty cool. The only thing that bothers me is the upright piece in the end.


Thank you Fubar :slight_smile: I see thant you mean, it seams the piece stay up because there is a right angle with the ground :


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