Tower 3d animation


This is the first animation I did in 3d, never worked with it before. Made it in the end of my second year, finished the post in the end of my 3rd year. Just started my 4rd (and last) year, so another 3d animtion is on it’s way.

 I'm quite happy with it, I focused most on how to tell the story than on the modelling, texturing and animtion. 


 Modelling, texturing etc was all done in Maya, post in Eyeon Fusion and compositing in Adobe Premiere.

Curious what other people think of it, so please post something ;)


I really like this. Your visual style is really, really nice. The audio, also is awesome. Where did you get all that sound?

There are two things about this piece that stand out to me, one is the modeling and animation on the character, which I think could be improved a bit. The other is the story; though it may be a matter of personal taste…I am not sure what happened to the guy. But I’m not so sure that it matters. Was he dissolved? Gassed?

Anyway, overall a great effort.


Do you have a direct link to a .mov / .avi / .mpg ? (Flash playback is not very smooth).



Audio is from Biosphere, forgot to credit them, but will fix that.

For the animation and modeling: I know that, but it’s the first thing I made in 3d, and didn’t want to go over to make it all again when I started the compositing.
End of the story is kinda up to you, in some way the tree of pipes let him vanish.

Will put a .mov online later, don’t have one at the moment.

But thanks, it’s good to hear things that don’t come from your teachers/fellow students and friends.


Did put a link for the .mov file in the original post. Enjoy!

(also fixed the credits, Biosphere is in it now)


the walkcycle is indeed not that good, what i noticed is that you dident create good sillouhets and extreme poses.

Try to make the poses extremer then you think is ok, because most of the time people try to make it les extreem then they think could be done, just overdo the extreem poses, and then look at the hole aspect.

The model itself, wel i kinda like it, it realy fitted in the story, nice job on that one.

And the story the sfeer, just great, i realy love it.

And dont be afraid of animation, i noticed you dident want to animate the person to sit down on the swing.

I’d suggest you reading the Richard Willliams book, Survival Kit.

It helped me alot. But dont read his scaptical first 30 pages :smiley:


Haha, that was also due to the fact that I had only about 2 months to finish it, but it’s true. The animating part is the one that interests me less of the whole short-film making process.

And I will take some tutorials on animting (also texturing and modeling), since I’m in my last year, and we have the whole school-year (till june that is) to make a short. And I really want it to be good enough to send to some festivals.


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