Towards the wind, Marco Rolandi (3D)


Title: Towards the wind
Name: Marco Rolandi
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This image was created in 5 days from scratch for the Nvidia NVArt March 2008 competition.

The competition required to create a “fusion between architecture and landscape”. I was inspired by greek “meteores” as well as other sources both real and fantastic.
“Imagine you’ve made a long journey, walked over an incommensurable distance through unfriendly places. And then you finally got there. The wind gets quieter, and you walk the final steps over the bridge, towards the fortresses and temples that still stand against the elements. You’ve arrived, you’re safe.”
The picture shows two dwelling complexes built on top of large rock formations, part villages, temples and fortresses at the same time. The image itself has been built using some form of “lego concept”, being composed by a few pieces modified, retexturized, scaled and stretched in every way. As you can see, time constrains took some toll over the quality of both the render and the composition: The foreground is definitely lacking detail, and the mid left part of the image show some unresolved composition lines.


5 days…?!
Great work, 5 stars :slight_smile:



 very nice-god, if i could do something like that in 5 days i would be pretty happy.i'd be interested to see you refine the sky and background a little because they stand out as a little unfinished next to the detail of the buildings and bridge-it's still amazing though


What a marvelous image. Beautiful mood and great details.


Marco! Another Really Great Illustration! I love the overall Architectural Mood and the nice atmosphere! A Masterpiece as your usual. :eek: :thumbsup:


very nice…I like it…

but…clouds not good…


Good job…
very much fancy environment… cool


Amazing, and only in 5 days!!, congratulations!


Absolutely gorgeous great job!


Beautiful work !:thumbsup:nice idea with the heavy cloud from the top :slight_smile:


Five days…five Stars :slight_smile:

Congrats…amazing render, model and lighting.
Could you post a wire?


Love it. :bounce:


The architectural aspect is amazing, but you really did a good job on the over all piece!


Fantastic work !


I dont know what to say…
5 stars from me


really nice illustration,
love the mood, the colors, the lighting…



Impressive! It’s so hard to do nice landscape compositions like this… at least for me. 5 days? Man, you are faster than a bullet, and as accurate!:applause:


amazing detailas, insane model, just perfect, deserve 5 stars


Wow man, that is incredible. Is great to see that kind of stuff!

all those details, and just five days. just incredible.

and btw, I would really feel safe getting there, tired as hell or something, knowing that something out of this world is waiting there, or who knows. Maybe going to a party there, omg. Or maybe having a living there, having a room for your own or something. I wonder how would feel to work in one of those rooms, having your screen looking back to those huge landscapes, don’t knowing what would come some day… maybe scary, and cool.

FIVE stars :wink:


Excellent work…love the atmosphere :thumbsup: