Touch of an Archangel



This started out as a simple drawling then a flesh tone cartoon color study, then I said to myself… heck, I will just add wings, and one thing led to another and here it is. I think it’s done but I want to see if there is anything I can improve within reason, before I send it to the finished work gallery.

         image should be working... for real this time


Put (nudity) in the title, please.


Sorry. I Forgot. Finished works have a little check thingy but I should have caught that. Could you spear quick words of wisdom about art along with that short well informed post?

The front title on the work in progress page doesn’t seem to want to change. I did change the title though. It only seemed to change in the first posts header. Anyway anyone who clicks the link will be able to see that header before the nudity (unless thier rez is very very very high)


lol, mine is. But as for the image… hmm You have a very nice character there, the only things I could think of right now are:

She looks a bit too plastic… like a doll… give her some life.
I want to see more of the wings, I can see only the roots… kind of not enough.
Right now when I look at here first I see face but then I focus on the damn boobs… hehe, they’re pretty big part of the image… I mean, if that was intentional then hoorah, but right now it kind of takes my focus off the image. It’s like she’s telling me to look at her boobs… O.o… I know… weird.

Anyways, hope that helps.


if you want i can up the contrast on the niples, maybe that will work :D. anyway, i really regret not giving this peace a bigger canvis before i started. that way i could have made more wings. maybe i will draw another one with armor. and a better pose. heck just a pose.


you can add canvas in image-> canvas size…

as for the pic i think you use too many gray tones in her skin, a touch of red or yellow would help imo.
allso there is soo much speed in the background and she seems to stand compleetly still. i would change either of these factors to match eachother.

the eyes are really pretty, but the right 1 seems to be placed just a little bit too high. but im not sure on her head pose so i dunno…


I wanted a sort of halo effect, but you could be right that thiers to much movement. Nice cetch on the eye. That should be a quick fix. I had an older version of her with more rosy skin but it looked to plain so i gave it a more ivory feel. Makes her feel less human and more angel in my opinion. But thanks for the ideas. Maybe i should increase the canvise and make more wings.


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