Toucan, Hugh McGahern (3D)


Title: Toucan
Name: Hugh McGahern
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Mudbox, VRay

Hey guys this is a model that’s been languishing for a while, I finally got around to doing a proper render, most of the work has been done in max with a little bit of work in mud for the beak and some other details, cheers.


how did you make the fur and the lighting ,so nice ,love it…!


Thanks for the comments man, the lighting isn’t really anything special really, a low level of GI and a bunch of area lights, I just spent some time positioning things/ playing with intensity and colour to get them right, although there is a projector map on one of the lights to get the light shining through branches/mottled effect, I’ve used opacity mapped planes for both the fur and the feathers, although the feathers have a slightly curved cross section to them to pick up the light.


i say it`s a very realistic work. the colours are great.


Awesome work here…maybe the background is blurred too much but it can be also a matter of taste.Also i think you need a bit of occluision effect on branch and worm.You need that soft gradient shadows.Cheers!


so fantasy and good looking,thanks for your answer:cool:


Thats a one, nice toucan. Good work.


Thanks for the feedback guys, cheers.


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