"Total Perspective Vortex" wip


now, i am trying to build the “Total Perspective Vortex” from Douglas Adams’s book “The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe”.

for anyone who didnt read the book and isnt familiar with the idea, here is an explanation

what do you think?
am i in the right direction?


You might wanna post a picture of your wip along with it. :wink:


i think youre right on track


yes…hmm…i kinda forgot that…here it is


its not working for me try using imageshack


here is a link to the image LINK


The second link causes an Access Denied as well.


it worked for me earlier. it looks pretty nice, but i dont know what it is…


Although it’s been quite a while since I read the book for the last time, I imagined it to be more like something that you stand in, or put on your head… Other than that, I can’t say much because the powersupply appears to be more detailed than the machine itself

I guess this would be the scanner that belongs to it then?


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