Total amount of clones doesn't look right


Hi there,

I think I read about this a while back here on this very forum, but I can’t find the thread anymore.
Here’s the situation: I’m cloning some basic shapes on an object. I’m using the surface as distribution and increasing the count doesn’t seem to have an effect on the total amount of clones I see spreading over the surface. Going, say, from 12000 to 24000 only shows a marginal difference, and so it does going from 4000 to 12000. Is it due to the overlapping?


I’ve experienced this as well; and I’m not sure exactly why it happens.

I know that if you’re cloning onto a polygon selection, you’re actually cloning on to the entire surface - with those not under the selection tag simply being hidden.


Ouch! I didn’t know that! Thanks for the information, that definitely helps.
Although for the object I’m using where I don’t have selections the issue is still kind of noticeable.
I’ll do some more test.

Thank you, Luke!


Also - if you’re cloning onto a surface, and plan to use a mograph cache object for a simulation with said clones, know that the mesh you are cloning onto will be saved as part of the cache on every frame. High res surface mesh = very large cache files. So if you’re able to, make a version of the surface that is as low-resolution as possible, make it invisible, and clone on to that - using the high res geometry for rendering only.