Tortured Souls - Birdhouse, Sebastien Sonet (3D)


Title: Tortured Souls - Birdhouse
Name: Sebastien Sonet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, ZBrush

This is another model inspired from Clive Barker’s Tortured souls.
Base heade in Zbrush with Zspheres, high poly modeling in Zbrush + ZAppLink, Rendered in max with MR.



Very sinister, but very cool. Love the way you have animated the poor bird. The texturing is great !


And he strikes again! Very nice! Is there a particular reason for those kinda models or just a Clive Barker fan?



cool i like the bird cage idea


Awesome work.
Nice modeling, and very good texturing. very very nice.


wow, nice job. i like it
5 star


Very surrealist… very good texturin


Fantastic! This one looks great too, idea with bird cage is great! :thumbsup:


oh… great model and texture

4 stars


i really like it…have to mention that i liked your previous work too!

Good Luck Dude


Very Very cool work. Just like the previous one. It realy could be some new characters for a hell raiser movie.


really great,
I like the idea and the technique you used…
great render/modeling/lightning.
Did you use displacement map in MR or normal?
if you use displace, is it the sss displace or the max displace modifier?

Vraiment très réussi…


Great Artwork 5 stars
its one of those images that makes you think


Very, very cool idea and execution! The modeling and texturing is really impressive and the only thing bothering me slightly (and i do mean slightly) is how the straps on his head just appears to lie there. They don’t look “grounded” to his head, if you understand what I mean.

Top job!



great work man so illusivE shot:wip:


brilliant idea .good luck


the birdcage concept is very cool,hope to see more Clive Barker inspired works from you



Thanks for all comments ! :slight_smile:
I am always surprised to see that an amount of people like my images :slight_smile:

wigal > It’s a personnal project, to pay homage to a literary and cinematographic kind.
dt3d > I use normal map in MR, mapped on middle poly mesh (it. 3/4). With the displace, results takes too much time to render.
Cartesius > I’m agree with you for the straps. I’ve tried a lot of different solutions for it, but without obtaining something near my idea. So I choose to keep my original sketch design for it.


(54874231456548421321) stars :arteest:


Outstanding work! The concept, lighting, and texturing looks amazing. One of the best conceptual CG characters I have ever seen! 4 stars