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Hi ,
im trying to model the following picture out of a box in 3Ds Max , i dont know how to create a topology based on the photo tho. could you hit me with some tips on this one? thanks
P.S : check attachment for the picture. :slight_smile:


This shouldn´t be very difficult to build with standard subdivision surface modeling.

I would rather start with a plane than a box and modell only one side of the column. Then i would copy the other sides radially with the symmetry modifier. This way only side of the model is needed to be created manually. 

Any edits you make to the original segment below the symmetry modifier also occur interactively to the other segments and the vertices are weld along the seams automatically.


That would be an interesting challenge to model. Although I don’t think you need subdivision surfaces for it. Most of the structure is made out of tri and quad faces.


1.- create a plane required size.

2.- ‘fold’ the plane by moving the outer verts the required angle.
create two tri faces using the poly-sub-object ‘create’ tool.(or whatever method)
now pull the topmost vert out the required distance.

3.- mirror the mesh in Z and pull the bottom-most vert back.

4.- move the mesh off 0,0,0 world space in the top view to the required distance of
your radius depending on how big you want it to be
reset your pivot back to 0,0,0 and, using the array tool create copies around 360degrees

5.- now you can simply clone/rotate/scale/weld tocreate the rest of the mesh.
now you can use the same methods to embellish and expand upon the mesh

This example only took me a very short amount of time and is built for non-sub-D. If you wanted to sub-D you would obviously have to build in support edges. It’s far from perfect but serves well the purpose of demonstration. Also, this modular approach to
modeling is very fast and can be used for many seemingly complex shapes. You just have to learn
to ‘see’ the forms and break them down.


Interesting method, looks pretty good, although if you were trying to match the image perfectly, I think you would want to have each section be wider, so that there are less points around. You probably only need like ten points, instead of 14, at least that’s how it looks like in the picture.


yeah, as I mentioned above, this was just done as quickly as possible as an example of one method of doing it with a few glances at the ref. If I were modeling it myself in a project I would adhere much more accurately to the ref.


The hardest part, to me looks like the top, where the pillar meets that corner or angle. Its hard to tell if that is a 90 degree corner or what. Would be nice to have another view.


Well, I decided to give a go at it myself. I decided to start with an extruded ten point star shape. The main thing I noticed about the pillar is that the outer edges of each lower section are the same radius as the inner edges of the upper section, which is rotated between the edges. Obviously the top part isn’t perfect, but its hard to match it, without more angles.


Looking good! The top-view makes a nice geometric pattern.


Thanks. :slight_smile: Its probably not perfect though, the original architects probably had a specific mathematical formula for the scale of each section, I just guessed from the picture. The bottom view kind of reminds me of a pine comb.

Not sure what the op wants to model this for, if its for a scene, or just for learning, but if he wants, I don’t mind posting the model.


Nice result. I agree, it does look rather wonderful from a plan view.

As for the OP…he appears to have gone AWOL.


Thanks, glad you liked it. :slight_smile: Its definitely an interesting design, that’s why I decided to try to model it. I enjoy doing small modeling challenges, where you have some idea of how you could tackle it.

I fixed the two weird upper corners, which look better now, also I mirrored the whole pillar, so it has a bottom. I also decided to do a couple test renders of different angles. Nothing too fancy, just to see how it would look with similar lighting.


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