Topology Issues


Hello to everyone here,
I started to study CG and right now I’m working on the human face.
We’ve learned the usual topology and basics, where the loops are (nasolabial, eyes, etc.).
Yesterday I decided to try so,e other stuff; to keep the basic rules but another style…

So I’d like to know if what I tried is even logical, usable… for animation etc.
I may have missed something in my work? I tried to take the 5-edges-points to hidden places as much as I can.
Well, it’s not nearly finished… the jaw, neck muscle and more need to match their place; but the principle of the work…
Areas: Glasses loop, nasolabial, face, jaw, wider face, ear, neck muscle and a place for the zygomaticus.
Keep in mind that I am new to this world so I might need a detailed explanation.
Thank you all!
*I know there are better softwares to work on than LW, it’s just for this hehe.