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hi i have one question
could you help me with my little modeling i’m focus on anatomy edge flow and topology this is the link to the problem

By bunleng_iep at 2009-10-10

By bunleng_iep at 2009-10-10

i’ll be appreciate for your help
Name: bunleng iep
Country : Cambodia


Here’s good topology for animation:


thank you so much for the share of this information may i ask you one more question is my edge flow right or wrong am i ready move to focus on muscle and when i move to muscle i always get far a way from edge flow i mean i don’t have good edge flow anymore how could i solve this problem or is’t right when i add more detail on my model it’s gonna be losing the edge flow ? thank you so much

name: bunleng iep
phone: 855 16 722 725


Well right now the neck area is a problem, the face could use some work, support loops for the nasolabial fold are missing…i cant really tell for the rest since the images are so tiny.

Here’s something that could help:

Basically shows how to “block in” the initial mesh to have main edgeloops.

Here’s a DVD tutorial for modeling anatomy with “local detail”


For the past 4 years I have always Right Click > Save Image As wireframe images that artists post. Whenever I find myself stuck, I go back to those images and see how they did it, study their pole placement, and then go back into my model to achieve that same effect. Its worked every time! I would suggest getting into that habit. I have 2 useful folders: Wireframes and Anatomy. Whenever I’m lurking/browsing these forums and come across good topology, sculpting, etc., I save it. It’ll come in use!


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