Topology Brush help needed..


I have had a look at the topology brush, and it looks like a powerful feature, but i’m not sure exactly how to use it… Anyone used this tool yet?


Same here… a brief description of what do do after drawing the lines on would be very cool… the video isn’t all that clear.


After drawing the lines, press enter to generate your new mesh


I followed all the steps up to pressing enter. I generated the new mesh, but is this a way to combine the new mesh with the old? I guess im confused because what i was thinking is that if i have a mesh say of a human face then i can basically draw new geometry to change the flow of the existing mesh… Damn i just confused myself more…I think the video demonstration should go into a bit more depth as to what you can accomplish using this tool. Thanks for the reply


well after you create the new mesh you can delete the faces on the original mesh and weld vertices. I don’t think there’s a way to actually draw a topology change on the original mesh. I think you can only draw out your mesh, create it, and then connect it to your original mesh.

someone please say i’m wrong.


yeah, it creates a new object everytime, at least with all my experimentations, and i’ve had it for half a year :smiley: If you look in the video, the topology brush and snapping one, it shows how they remade the model from scratch, which shows conencting the differting object to each other, not to the original model :slight_smile:

So basically yeah, new object :slight_smile: Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi there,

You should see this functionality added to the topology brush in the near future. (We were initially hoping to get it into 1.4.) When it is, it will mainly be an automation of a process you can now do yourself with several steps, as lovisx suggested. Stay tuned!


i would advise going through this whole thread (with all the links in it). there is some major info on the tool. (this was a thread started in silo v1.3, and the topoBrush did not work as well then. the algorithm was improved (and automated) since)




In a nut shell…

Load a high res model.

Call TOPOLOGY BRUSH from the drop-down.

Draw your new topology over the model.

(Shift to continue a line, CTRL to end one…see the SILO help file for other hints.)

Hit enter to generate new object based on your new topology but following the surface of the high res mesh.

Hope this helps…

s o u t h e r n


how do i rotate the view when using the topology brush? my rotate is assigned to RMB. i also cant pan.( ctrl+RMB) but i can zoom(shift+right) :shrug:

EDIT: i tried assigning rotate to shift+RMB and zoom to RMB, now i can rotate fine but i can’t zoom… :shrug:


It should rotate as normal - alt+whatever mouse button (right in my case, can’t recall if that’s default or not).

My setup is

alt+lmb = pan
alt+mmb = zoom
alt+rmb = rotate

Actually, I think I swapped zoom and rotate from default assignment to match XSI.


hmm… it seems that RMB is used to close loop when in topo brush mode. maybe that’s why i can’t rotate. but why can’t i pan(ctrl+RMB)?
i really don’t want to change my mouse setup… i assinged alt+RMB to MSM and now i am comfortable with it. my best choice now would be just to make a different mouse setup for topology brush mode and just switch between the two…



i am having a problem in that the new mesh generated by the topology brush is not appearing on top of the tracing object as it does in Glen’s screengrab and the tutorial video on the nevercentre website.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
many thanks



Hi Marll,

It won’t appear ontop/infront off, it will appear as if it is embedded. In the image above I’ve moved the new mesh forward in the Z axix a small amount so you can see it. The new topology is created in the same 3D space as the high res model. Simply select the high or low poly object and move it out of the way or delete as needed.

s o u t h e r n


ok glen, thanks for that

one thing i forgot to mention actually, when i generate the new mesh the normals are always facing the wrong way, i.e. away from me. any idea why that should be?

my workaround for seeing the new mesh btw, i just select the original model and set display options to ‘ghost shade’…



ps. just following your tut for box-modelling a head… very inspiring. you are the man!
also, have you got this coming out as a DVD or something?
cheers Glen


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