Topology Brush Blues


I give up! I can’t get the Topology Brush to generate any geometry or do anything.

I’ve tried drawing all manner of shapes, criss-crossing lines, whole meshes, but when I press enter all the lines disappear, but no new geometry.

After pressing enter, the cursor/manipulator goes to grid origin or object axis. Can’t change to verts, edges, faces, etc. afterwards. Have to select in object mode first before can go to vert, edge, face sel modes.

I’ve read thru the Silo Help files and searched on the forum, but no go. I’ve tried both Silo 1.41 and 1.42 beta5.

To make sure no 3rd party plugin or option misset causing a problem, I uninstalled and re-installed Silo and used default vanilla out of the box settings, etc. Still a no go. Kinda stick at this point…

I’m obviously doing something wrong since I’ve seen so many posts of people using this feature. Someone please set me straight before I pull all my hair out! Thanks…


In the kurv DVD there is an 1 hour of topo brush training
plus try to start from a simple shape and draw the line slowly.
and don’t leave spaces between one side of the line to the other.


I have never been able to get the Topo brush to work until i installed 1.42 that was released yesterday ?

Maybe ask at the NC forums aswell :wink:


why don’t they make topo more automatic amazing


I have answered your other thread but i dont see how it could be anymore automated than it is, Perhaps you would like an automesh to be generated over the selected object ?

If this is the case have you made a feature request in the relevant section at the NC forums ?


Thanks for everyone coming to the rescue, but while trying to make some sample pics to post, I got the Topology Brush to make geometry.

I understand now that ALL the topology lines have to fully cross & pass each other before geometry is produced. A perfectly closed-loop square, triangle, etc. will not do it. Even if you RMB the last line to automatically close the loop. But draw like a kindergardener, e.g. a tic-tac-toe square, and everything works fine!

Also, the object you’re drawing on top of is only for a drawing reference in that the Topo Brush doesn’t use the original obj’s structure for mesh support. In other words, if you draw over a cube’s corner edge from one side to the other the new topo mesh will collaspe where the edge was unless you drew all the cube’s edges in with the topo brush (i.e. draw a straight line from one side to the other & not around the corner).

Now I’m trying to figure out how to post pics! Using Alt-Prnt Scrn works fine with other apps like Word, but I can’t paste nothing into Internet Explorer 6. Select Paste, or RMB paste, & nothing happens. Any ideas?

Thanks again…


You have to host the pictures somewhere.

My tip is to use

It´s free and you don´t have to register, after uploading the pics there you get links for pasting dirctly into the forum. Both thumbnails and directlinks. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the pic posting tip!


Unless I misunderstood your problem, I will add that you would have to paste the screenshot first into an image editing program (or even MSPaint) and save it out as a file, before you can upload it to the net.



Nah you can do screen grabs in Silo, You dont have to use PrtSc :slight_smile:


Posting some screen shots to help others with the same problem I had understanding the Topology Brush.

  • Load or create an object. I used a simple cube in this case.

  • I used the default “Topology Brush Options” accessed from “Custom” button at bottom of screen or “Modify” menu from top menu bar.

  • Select “Initialize” button on Topology Brush Options panel. Start drawing.

  • Topo Brush creates a new object when you press enter after drawing your topo lines.


The following will not produce any geometry or object using Topo Brush:

But the following will:

From what I can tell is that the object you’re drawing on top of is only for a drawing reference. The Topo Brush doesn’t use the original obj’s structure for mesh support. In other words, if you draw over a cube’s corner edge from one side to the other the new topo mesh will collaspe where the edge was unless you drew in all the cube’s edges in with the topo brush.

For example:

After hitting enter you get this:

Deleting the original cube object reveals all of the geometry created with the Topo Brush:


I think these are just the basic rules of topology.
Dont forget that the topology brush will only create the topology from the lines you draw, It wont automatically draw lines itself, If you try to draw a single poly around a corner it is going to go mad because a poly is flat by its very nature, As you can see though the topolgy you have drawn in reference to the cube was created correctly, The topology you have draw nwas not actually correct, Also i have found the topo brush to work better when you have a more complicated mesh to draw over.

Now i can see your point though, What you want is for the topology to be drawn for you in a sort of tweening way, So when you draw topology lines in you could tell the topo brush to then auto draw some of the lines in itself between what you have already created, Sort of like a sub d for the topo brush ?
Sounds like an interesting concept and one that you really should post in the ideas section at the NC forum, I’m sure a lot of people would find that a useful workflow update :wink:


Just go to the NeverCenter Official Forum and go under HowTo, there’s a lot of info in the TopoBrush sticky!

make sure to go through every link provided (if u don’t get the idea sooner)
hope it helps ppl who can’t make it work


the topology brush is a sculpting tool like all the other tools in silo. its not an auto resym. it takes some work to get it to do what you want. but the flexability makes it very usefull for a number or tasks. one thing to keep in mind is the scale of your object. make sure its not really big. and it works better on a model with a good amount of density.


Where have I heard this idea before?


stop spending your time as the silo forum troll. show us your work. start an interesting thread about sculpting if you actually can. but all this talk about business models and trashing threads is bs.


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