Then I suppose we best not take a break then! :slight_smile:

I’m hesitant to throw them into the hat as they might not be to everyone’s taste, but what about The Wild West or A Century of Aviation?


I sat out the last couple because I had so much going on and work really ramped up. I think that’s just about enough time sitting on the sidelines.


I’m in for either, or even a fusion of both. Let’s just get something started!


Masters of Anime?


What would masters of Anime entail? Make a 3D model of an anime character?

That could be a good one, the term Anime might turn some people off but taking a simplistic cartoon character and making it your own in 3D can be really fun, and beginners could get into it because it’s not as intense as realistic anatomy, and experienced people can take their models further with their knowledge and style.


Thought id give my input. I would love to see an 80’s movie theme like others mentioned before. Do a prop or a charater. I don’t think I would participate in an Anime challenge. I find Anime less interesting.


You could do Heavy Metal, GI Joe, Transformers, all from the 80s! Luckily there’s some anime from my Teen years that has stuck with me (Bebop, Eva, Akir, Ghost in the Shell), that I can find something interesting. Hell Anime is so crazy that even if it’s not up your alley you can find something crazy (My Neighbor Totoro).


Ok 80s it is…


So is the prompt generally stated in this thread or do you make a new thread detailing the new challenge?


Well I just posted in the other thread. If its anime, I’d prefer it opened up to more than just “Masters of”. I suppose I could go for 80s as well. I really crapped out on that one the last time.


Roberto will post a master thread detailing everything. We then follow up with our own individual WIP threads. You’ll see.


I’ll ignore the other thread since we’re having the same conversation in both places, lol…

I think that if we let the users decide too much about the challenge then we’re just going to get stuff that certain people WANT to make, if you WANT to make a certain thing then you should probably just do that.

I like the idea of challenges because they put you out of your comfort zone subsequently expanding your skills.

I’m with you though, lets just get a new challenge started! I really want to participate.


Ok how about Heroes of Saturday Morning?


That’s sort of the point, trying to attract people to participate. People tend to work harder things they WANT to make, I know I do. Most of the past challenges have been user ideas anyway.

Roberto, I don’t care whatever you decide. Just give me enough wiggle room to do something odd. :smiley:


I want to launch before Sunday, so lets focus on this…

Heroes of Saturday Morning?
Scifi Airshow
a Dreamworks Tribute.

What do you guys think?


Hello guys

I plan to compete in this challenge could you tell me what I have to do to enter.


I like the hero’s of Saturday morning


I would say “Heroes of Saturday Morning”!



…+1 other!