First, Sega Mega Drive was called Sega Genesis here in the states. Great console. I was more of a SNES fanboy though.

Second, I would necessarily disqualify the Mario & Sonic franchises. They’re great. I’d just not allow Mario or Sonic themselves, opting instead to give some of the more ancillary characters room to shine.

Third, seeing how gritty reboots seem to be all the rage these days, I think that it might be cool to do a HCM challenge on gritty rebooting 8bit/16bit era game characters. That is, assuming that Roberto goes with a game theme. Otherwise, I’d go with gritty rebooting old 80s TV/movie characters.


yer that’s what I meant about sonic and mario.

Another idea I had was Movie prop - Build a prop from a film like Ghost busters backpacks or James bond gadget and with the talk about 80s why not "80s movie prop challenge"


LOVING this idea :bounce:


How about a challenge commemorating HR Giger? Remember how successful the Ray Winston commemoration was a few years back?


Excellent idea. I’d be all for that one…

Now if only people took the same amount of time voting on the current challenge as they do proposing new ones, we could move on to the next one! :slight_smile:


I assume it will be HR Giger.
It is the way we do things around here. :smiley:


Looking at Giger’s concept work for Jodorowsky’s Dune for inspiration, perhaps a challenge could be “Giger style” for any item of interest: A Giger-esque concept for a building, car, plane, PC case or animal. Anything goes, but it has to look “Giger”.


I know I’ve been pretty inactive around here lately but I hope the place isn’t dead.
About time to get the creative juices flowing again.


It’s not just this site. I noticed that other sites are having trouble launching comps lately, even minis. I don’t know if it’s a money or commitment issue, but I do see it tanking overall traffic on some of these sites. In fact, there seems to be a bit of an overall depressing lull going around on a lot of sites.

CG Talk is doing okay, from what I can see, but a lot of other communities and their members seem to be phoning in the enthusiasm for the past year or two. Maybe it’s due to the stream of closures or the increased complexity. I don’t know. Maybe we need a couple more big sponsored contests to get people talking and excited again.

Anyway. I’m sure that Roberto has something planned. It’s just summer and people get distracted.


in regards to the lack of participation lately is it possible that perhaps some people aren’t seeing enough incentive to enter?

any time I’ve entered it’s never been about any sort of prize but I know that there are people who would be more likely to enter something if there was some sort of ‘pot o’ gold’ at the end of the rainbow so to speak.

It could be something as simple as US$25 in a paypal payment, or a digital-tutors lesson, or a month of a CG cookie subscription, or a gnomon workshop DVD (or a month of a subscription there for $59), even an amazon voucher.

It doesn’t need to be some big extravagant thing, just enough to encourage involvement.

I owe a lot of my early progression in 3D to this contest and I would hate to see this place die out, so I’m just throwing ideas out there for consideration.

EDIT: and as for topics it might be best if they are more creatively open. I know in the past we’ve focused a lot on recreating things in exacting detail, or recreating things from someones body of work but sometimes that can limit peoples interest in participating (the Ansel Adams challenge is one that particularly comes to mind).

So if we went more creatively open with the topics they could be things like:

  • create the ultimate 80’s action hero
  • design a scifi interior
  • design a spaceship
  • create a comic book character (or a live action version of an established comic book character)
  • recreate a room in your house
  • straight self portraits (or creating a character where you are the base for it)
  • militarised animals

so the topics would be less 'pick something off this list" and more “here’s an idea…run with it”

again…just throwing ideas out there.


Edit: Never mind …



Sweet lord, an 80’s HMC would be cool as.

Can’t go wrong with Geiger, though.

I haven’t been here in aaaaages either.


I don’t go to many other sites so I wasn’t aware of that. But I prefer to think that everyone is just too busy with work to be active.

Funny you should mention that. I notice the Digital Matte Painting mini-challenge has a prize associated with it now. Just sayin’ :shrug:

Yeah, people do seem to enjoy more the topics were you are taking someone’s existing concept and putting your own spin to it as opposed to trying to create an exact copy of something.

cough* Geiger *cough :smiley:


Giger… Deffo.


Still no new challenge? Well, maybe it wouldn’t hurt for everyone to take a break for a while…

Oh, if not Giger, then with a new Doctor next month…a Doctor Who challenge? “The Adventures of the 13th Doctor” perhaps?


I let myself be surprised and am open to anything proposal,
Giger and Paul list, challange high on my to do list.

my dream for modeling outside with Tablet for this challenge like be nice,
my hobby comes up short in recent times with another works. :smiley:


I thought we were going to do a Doctor Who themed one last year around the 50th anniversary. At least I recall there being a lot of support behind the idea.


That there was!


Welllll, no disrespect to the master but after looking at pages and pages of Giger’s work for inspiration and ideas it all starts to look the same. I’m sure that will pass once I settle on something but I’d be fine with the Dr. Who universe as well.


Ahhh man, but I just got here! A lot of times when I’m trying to just sculpt so I can learn things I get all caught up on “what to sculpt”, as if I’m doing something for a reason other than learning. This is where challenges come in handy.