The idea is for all people to shoot for the moon.



Sounds cool to me! I’d love to get in on it, but alas I have no time to participate with the currrent challenge. :sad:


I’m sure there are artists out there who will go above and beyond whatever requirements you set. If you’re in doubt you just need to check out some of the stuff happening over on Kolby Juke’s modeling forum, TWEAK. Some of that stuff is simply amazing.

Not saying you shouldn’t start the challenge though! Would be fun to see some of the top modelers here try and outdo each other. Maybe even break it up in to two sections, organic and hardsurface.

Thankfully I’m too busy to participate, lest I get schooled :slight_smile:


If Roberto wants hardcore, then I’m voting against the use of Z-Brush. nothin but polys or nurbs! :smiley:

either way, my interest is piqued.


I’m down for it, I wanna see how I can excecute this with my limited knowledge


this does sound interesting, i would say limit it to a small area of anatomy, I.E the hand, foot, shoulder, knee(with exposed muscles). this would make it possible for less experienced modellers to acheive something worthwhile, and the pros to add hair folicals, and epidemis details.


If (and I mean if) we are doing a challenge that involves anatomy, it would the the WHOLE body.



thats too hardcore for me, as a challenge i need to be able to complete in spare time


To me it seems silly to do human anatomy to an ultra complex level and not use zbrush in some way… Especially, if we are only given a week’s time. That’s exactly what zbrush excels at…speed and detail.


So would two weeks be enough?

And BTW people were doing anatomy on 3d before Zbrush. It is harder, but you can do it.



if its anatomy with texturing. man then it is hardcore


Unfortunately. :slight_smile: I kid I kid.


To be honest I had in mind more modelling, texturing is gravy.



Come on, get on with it :D!.


Let me get my house in order first.

And to be honest, I am reading this thread to gauge the interest.



I will be very interested in giving this a go :slight_smile:


This would be interesting. Too bad I don’t have Z-brush though then I could add pores and moles and stuff:rolleyes:. Wouldn’t call myself a pro but I would like to challenge myself.


If you want classical what about modeling a famous statue, no texture to worry about and should be able to get good ref. challenge would be to get a perfect likeness and no pores for the ZBrush fans to have an advantage with.


So your thinking skin, muscle, bone Roberto?

or something like this?

Or human - *warning plastersized.

  • Personally I’d go complete modelling, no texture details. Modelling complex shapes is hard enough. And adding pores/detail without zbrush means texture maps.


For now it would be a bit more traditional.