Have you seen how many Star Wars challenges there have been? :smiley:
I think a tribute to the original would be appropriate.


Ray had a hobby since leaving film making where he would make Bronze-casts of his creations. That was most likely due to the foam skins on his creatures deteriorating over the years, and they made for great replacements.

Maybe we could have a bronze-cast contest for Ray, making it slightly different from the last challenge.

Considering this further, and for those who aren’t so keen on a Harryhausen challenge, we could also give the option to cover Stan Winston’s creations as well, in a bronze-cast style.

Two legends in film vfx have now left us in recent years, and maybe we could pay tribute to both…hmmm…

Winston vs Harryhausen? Pit an Alien Queen against a Ymir? A Gargoyle and a Selenite? T-Rex vs Gwangi?

Maybe, we could do a buddy-challenge, where each entry sees two artists working together?


Yah I see it… But this not clearly all Star Wars tribute… Just because every artist use a challenge as excuse for doing SW stuffs :wink:


What about a tribute to renisance painters, but everything has to be low poly like the stuff on this guy’s portfolio .

  1. Gamecovers of the 80s and 90s
    2. Webcomics / reimagine Webcomic Characters
    3. Alternate Reality / History
    4. Scenes from comics with a more realistic touch
    5. Next Gen Jetfighter / Bomber / Helicopter / Tank
    6. Mech
    7. First Contact
    8. Reimagine Gamecharacters
  2. City of the Future
  3. Arcology
  4. Space travel
  5. H.P. Lovecraft / Cthulhu


I would definitely be up for Arcology. A favourite feature of the classic Sim City 2000! :thumbsup:


Arcologies/self-contained habitats are one of my favorite concepts in all of sci-fi. That would be an awesome one. Might even be able to fit it into personal project I’m working on : )

  1. Scenes of old adventure games


Doctor Who tribute? Maybe we could have something done for the 50th anniversary episode!


Now I would definitely be up for that! :beer:


Dr Who would be really cool…
May be worth posting this in the next topic thread as well?


I don’t know anything about Dr. Who. What is there to make besides The Dr., the Tardis, and a Dalek?


Eleven(?) different Doctors, companions, Villians and an entire shit load of different aliens and locations that would make any other sci-fi series cream their pants! :eek:

To be fair, though, I suppose its okay IF you are familiar with the show. I doubt countries outside the UK would be as(keyword) familiar with DW…maybe we could do a 60s TV series tribute? That could cover Doctor Who, Lost in Space, Star Trek, The Avengers, Thunderbirds, Batman…the list goes on.


Now I’d be down for THAT…Thunderbirds, Batman, awesome! Probably Mission Impossible and Wild, Wild West in there too. NOT the movies! :wink:


Not to mention that #9 now has two faces, we know that twelve is Peter Capaldi, and the designs of both the Daleks and the inside of the TARDIS have changed. Thanks for all the support on this idea!


I would also be up for Doctor Who. I already volunteered for a 50th Anniversary animation project a month or so ago but I would be willing to add another Who project to my list of projects.


You’d be surprised.


Well, I know DW is popular outside the UK, but would it dominate the main Saturday evening TV schedule slot in American TV?

That would be interesting to know! :beer:


Well for the Series 7 premiere, BBC America reported 1.555 million viewers live+same day and #1 for the key demo among cable networks. Source


Ah, so our friends across the pond do like Jellybabies and fish’n’chips! :cool: