How about modelling characters named after drinks such as “The Famous Grouse”, “Old Speckled Hen” or even “Tactical Nuclear Penguin”?

Okay, bad idea. Every one would enter with the last one I mentioned…


has there been a challenge to model musical instruments? I’ve always wanted to make a Banjo.


second this


Musical instruments sounds great. Just to make it more interesting, it could be a challenge to place the instrument in a diorama which - along with the main instrument - gives a hint to the life style of the musician. The whole diorama could be a character in itself…that kind of thing.


Well that took my idea to the next level.


Cheers. I’m totally up for musical instruments so I’m happy to help you out… :slight_smile:


Or how would it be with “Alternate Reality”?


Ok, my last try. Modelling movie posters. Any movie poster ever made, make it as real as possible. I am thinking Conan the Barbarian (the good one), Wreckit Ralph, Goonies, Starwars, any Indianna Jones, and some James Bonds.


“Reality Reversal” - Turn a cartoon character realistic or a real person into a caricature.
Examples: A gritty real world Mario or a hyper-stylized Will Smith.

“Reboots” - Every summer, the movie box office is inundated with franchises. Extrapolate and update a popular movie character for a hypothetical franchise reboot.
Examples: A modern redesign of Gizmo from “Gremlins” or Johnny-5 from “Short Circuit”

“The Wonderful World of Disney” - Disney owns a lot of properties these days. Recreate, update, or merge (a) Disney owned character(s).
Examples: Steampunk Iron Man. Jack Sparrow 2099. Darth Hanna Montana.

“Mascots” - Whether cartoony or realistic, some characters are so iconic that they end up being the face of a company. Mario symbolizes Nintendo as much as Lara Croft brings to mind Eidos. Create an original mascot. The more iconic the better.

“Retrofuturism” - Create a character, environment, or vehicle that embodies the future, as envisioned by somebody from a specific period.
Examples: The Jetsons envisioned the future from an early 1960s perspective. Back to the Future II envisioned 2015 from a 1985/1989 perspective. The Rocketeer & Sky Captain imagined the future from a 1940’s perspective. Looper imagined the future from a 2012 perspective. Steampunk is a vision of tomorrow brought to you via the Victorian era & Jules Verne.

“Cosplay” - Dress up time everybody! Model yourself as a specific character. This time, YOU get to be the hero or villain. Emphasis on likeness.


Already done


I would suggest making an 80ies cartoon icon but in a 2013 version. f.e. “Jem and the Holograms”


Also already done.


Do it again…


I like the cosplay Idea.


80s sci-fi VHS action hero?

Of course, I’m not thinking of any recently released game or anything…it just popped right in there. Honest. :slight_smile:


O’k. Dunno if this has been done. A creature based totally on a description from a book.


Today’s news probably changes things.


Agreed. I think we should have a dedication challenge. In remembrance of Ray.


Well we add a challenge based on Ray no?

HMC 007


I don,t think Roberto want to redo challenge there’s a lot of cool new ideas and because we do 4-5 challenges a year, best to do new things