Sports, hm - maybe I try ^^ I should try so - some organic modelling would be good practice for me! When will the challenge start?


mmm usely in one or two weeks after the result of the winners of the past challenge


Hey guys! I’ve been lurking on here for far too long. I’m heading to Italy next month for a while and I’m bringing my camera!

I figure I can take all sorts of pictures as reference for an upcoming modeling challenge. You guys have any requests?



Good luck on the final week of the challenge everyone! Roberto, what’s up next???


I’ve been looking on a lot and have really been enjoying the artwork there. I especially love Manchu’s work. I don’t know much about him since his website is in French (i think). Would be awesome to do some modeling based on his designs if possible. Roberto, I wonder if we could get him involved? I know on occasion artists have come in to give us their blessings.


Another idea I had just now, still life. But much more than the crappy basic 3D tutorial. Here are some neat examples along with the more traditional versions.


I am excited for the cars challenge coming up. I think an idea for a future challenge that would be alot of fun is Cryptozoology(“The study of hidden animals”). Animals for this would be bigfoot, lochness monster, and any from the list here:


I want to ‘second’ tuckerhcool’s idea for the next challenge to have cryptozooology as the next topic. There’s room for imagination and the possibility to bring something to life that may or may not exist.


I’d be interested in the group or all participants contribute sort of challenge sometime in the future, maybe an environment or something big from the concept site Japetus posted. Basically finding a nice ambitious concept to work of.


It’s hard to find a team who work with the same pimpline. We can’t just drop everything we did separately in the new scene with basic understanding a units egal 1 meter for example and get something good.

It’s mean coordination and one person of his a coordination/leader don’t thing many people would like that.

But If it’s a production simulation and people understand the meaning of hierachy. OK


sounds good


So I thought of a fun modeling challenge while I was in the toy isle yesterday. Make a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car as a high rez real world model.

I haven’t made a vehicle since school and I recently passed up applying to a position at Turn 10 because I haven’t modeled cars in forever.

The challenge would be a pit of a twist on the usual vehicle modeling challenge because it would ask artists to go out and buy the car of their choice and model it up to the level required of a racing game (Forza/Burnout) or movie (Fast5/GI Joe). The cars range from 2-5$ so I don’t think it’d be crazy to have people go and get the reference to have in hand. That way artists model from what they see and not just blueprints or whatever from the internet.


That’s a great idea! I’ve always liked Hotwheels car designs and wondered what they’d be like “realistic”. :slight_smile:


I’d be up for a car challenge too. It’d be good to put my copy of Silo to use once again…


T. rex vs triceratops. Vanilla, steampunk and cyborg variations.
Ww2 secret weapons, planes, tanks and ships.
Pirates vs Ninja’s…


Webcomics maybe?


How about a gardening challenge? Model the ideal garden?

I know you would all be dying to do that…


Man, that’s a fun suggestion. There are a some very cool webcomics out there.


Mythology Gods and Monsters.


Video game icons, have we ever done those specifically?