Roberto do you have an idea when that contest will start… like friday is the end for voting. Weekend for compiling the resultat… Usually, you let one week or two between each challenge… so my guess is: Start in May?


That sounds about right…


This sounds awesome. I think I might be too busy with my current project at work to have the energy, but I definitely look forward to watching this one. Hope to see some hybrids of the two styles.


cashern sins/anime tribute
impossible sets(stairs etc.)
salvador dali tribute
presidents/world leaders as zombies
never ending story
macro art(super closeups)


i’m on board with this idea!! why stop at presidents/world leaders? Any public figure… perhaps… I’d like to do Nikola Tesla as a Zombie, or perhaps Marilyn Monroe… hmmm


why stop at presidents/world leaders? Any public figure… perhaps… I’d like to do Nikola Tesla as a Zombie, or perhaps Marilyn Monroe… hmmm

ya awesome idea, I’d love to see a zombie Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps she would have missing cheeks making her face look more skeletal and contrasting her usual perceived beauty


I’m so sick of seeing zombies everywhere. I don’t understand the huge popularity of them over the last few years.


nice story bro


Quoted for agreement!:cool:




How about building your own/recreating a Rube Goldberg machine?
It can be tied in with an FXWars challenge


Ya zombie generation lol


I’ve only noticed zombies being over used in video games. I haven’t noticed any else excessive maybe i just live under a rock:argh:


There seems to be a ton in Barnes and Noble right now, along with Walking Dead comic (which I kind of like) and the tv show which I haven’t seen yet, a bit too graphic for my taste.

Although I know I shouldn’t I think I subconsciously lump them in with vampires, who I think most definitely have been over used recently ;).


Circus freaks,
Fantasy creatures.

I think it should be more creative work then recreating something.


Ya the freaks idea that I offer was part of the idea of be more free.

In the past 2 years, we just make tribute to other guys.

It’s cool, but we always try to reproduce someone art and for that we criticize more because we know how the model should look… But in freestyle we don’t have that step.

At less, the winter games challenge is more free for that. We don’t have to respect a style or a blueprint concept art. Just be inspire by a sport class


I think a cool idea for a challenge would be everyone’s own take on the Pizza Planet truck. However I do know there was a Pixar challenge not to long ago.


ya exactly! Roberto won’t allow two challenges of a simili same subject.


not so close together anyway, the next one (#35 - sports in motion) is similar to the sports icon one we did a few years ago, and we’ve done 30 models in 30 days twice as well as several star wars based challenges…

i do think it’d be a good idea if in the future we did a challenge (even if ony like a mini 2-3 week one) where everyone models the same thing and whoever goes the furthest as far as accuracy and detail wins (there’d probably have to be a poll or something to decide the item)

anyway i’m quite looking forward to the sports one, i have heaps of ref gathered already, should be fun.


Ya maybe I will participate at this one and finish it :wink: What sport do you aim?


i’m going for American Football, but I won’t be doing an existing player, I’ll be making up my own player.

I’ve been planning it out in my head and I think there should be some good opportunities for some honest to goodness poly-modeling what with all the equipment there is associated with gridiron (helmets, pads, shoes, gloves etc)