What about a challenge based on a cyberpunk derivative genre.

Such as ‘clockpunk’: Create a character, vehicle or machine in an alternate Renaissance where Leonardo da Vinci designs became a reality.


Cool idea, but there was a contest Steampunk in the past so I think it’s redundant


Haha how about just flat out cyberpunk? Ive been looking for an excuse to model YT from Snow Crash for like two years… (Really I’ve just been holding off until I have the skills to do her justice).

Circus Freaks would be absolutely awesome though.


I liked Cultrix approach let’s do a Octoped challenge :slight_smile: It can be both organic and hard surface modelling and leaves enough space for creativity.


Concept Ships has a great tribute to Moebius going on since he passed away recently. That would be a pretty cool challenge:


Cool sketch there! thanks for the link


This would be very cool. I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with Giraud’s stuff before he died, but he was a real visionary. Such an awesome, unique style.


I saw lot’s of awesome idea for 3d modeling…and lot of work…lovely images and I agree with “visionary” term.


I know what you mean but doesn’t seem right not to honor McQuarrie as well. So let’s do both.

Heavy Metal meets Star Wars.

Not that I mean both artists combined in one image, just in the same challenge. :smiley:


Wyatt, I agree. We definitely need to give McQuarrie his due! :slight_smile: I like the crossover idea. Just think of all the slave Leia’s that will be created! lol


Lol, you mean Slave Leia riding one of those chubby pterodactyls.


I have to agree with that. Even if it does end up yielding a lot of Star Wars artwork, it really wouldn’t be right to honor one of them and snub the other.

I attempted HCM once a looong time ago and didn’t finish. I think if this ends up being the topic I’d probably have to give it another go :).


Ok guys…
you got me…
It is a fantastic idea, and we will do it.
We will do a combined Ralph McQuarrie / Moebius Tribute.


Heck yes! :buttrock:


Awesome! Guess that means I need to put my money where my mouth is : ). Let the research begin…


OH GOD!!! Ralph McQuarrie!! There a heck of subject there!


Surely a mass Star Wars modeling again lol

Don’t forget Moebius guys lol


I’m doin Moebius for sure! Nothing against McQuarrie of course, I’m just really smitten by Giraud’s aesthetic.


Don’t forget, if you are in the mood to do something Star Warsy but not quite (like me), McQuarrie also did concept art for the original BSG.Much can be found here


Ok time to post reference: