Another idea to add to the list: remake/re-envision a classic Atari/Nintendo sprite character that hasn’t been remade yet. It could be something obscure like an enemy, or the main character.


Now that is a killer topic!


I think of a cool contest:

The Musician

A character + an instrument. Any era, any type.

From the Victorian Violonist to the Star Wars Cantina drummer :wink:


How about your JRPG scene? Character or some Creature or something? Have checked the videos of FFXIII-2 and i love the art style and i think it might be a cool topic.


An other contest idea:

Master of Litterature

H.P. Lovecraft (Cthulhu) to Mark Twain (Tom Sawyer)


Hi guys. I was doing some spring cleaning in my room when suddenly i found a box of my pokemon cards and it suddenly hit me why not suggest pokemons as a modelling challenge :slight_smile:

model one of your favorite pokemons or favorite 6 like a trainer :smiley:


ahha nice. I like the idea of a trainer and his best pokemon.


Well, I think with the sad breaking news, this one is kind of a must: [b]

Tribute: Jean Giraud - Moebius



Ah no, and Ralph McQuarrie so recently too! A good idea. So would a Ralph McQuarrie tribute (although that would probably just turn into a Star Wars tribute unfortunately)


Any hints for the next challenge?? :slight_smile:


No way i will pass the other challenge! any subject I don’t care. I’m finish school now! I’m free


a pokemon challenge would be truly awesome…


Well, in my honest opinion, we should model something that could come from our creativity, BUT, with some requirements, such as the number of arms, legs, eyes, scars, male, female, size, weight, etc…

I would love to sculpt something from my mind, and that people could evaluate and say if they like it or not, and not sculpt something that other people created.


I agree with Cultrix.

To go further one now need to show strong creativity, an ability to form something directly from one’s mind, straight away in 3D, not 2D concept sketches and then convert to 3D and often without references or minimal references.

I’m not knocking traditional approaches; just that to stand out in the modeling area these days, new approaches are needed and are already being used.

Look at the workflow used in “John Carter” as an example:

My entry for this HCM was also created without ever touching pencil to paper:


I like the idea of a given subject. Creativity is good, but in a challenge you have to give a subject.

Like my topic suggestion: The Circus Freaks… you can be crreative and don’t recreate a character of an other artist. But it’s a subject given


THat would be good.

I can already imagine fantastical petite creatures jumping and flying through hoops.

Perhaps better reversed; huge creatures navigating hoops held by ridiculous small creatures.


I like the idea of creating your own design, but I would prefer a subject that allows both organic and hard surface modellers to enter the challenge.

IE: Like in “The Queen of the Rocketmen” challenge from some years ago.


Well, I didn’t finish my HCM because transposing anime into 3D is way hard, and, i’m doing other artists art, so, I didn’t finished it…(though i learned alot) Circus freaks is an amazing title in my opinion… magicians, clowns, animal trainers, jugglers, etc… creating them with 50% reference 50% your creativity


I like the circus freaks idea, but I can’t say I’m a fan of the no reference material idea. Also this could work for both hard surface and organic modeling. ie. robot circus or animal circus.


I tought of an other challenge idea:

Wargame Tribute

Tribute a charcater or an element of a wargame strategy miniature game like:

Warhammer, Warmachine, Malifaux, Infinity, etc.