Im’m refering to the new ones. Heroes of newerth, league of legends, WoW, Rift, Uncharted, Counter Strike, prince of persia… etc.
As for star wars, yep, it is very saturated.


Maybe a tribute to

? :slight_smile:


concept is good…but i think you should rethink about this challenge ya i know even if you fail to complete this challenge this would be a learning experience for you.


So what topic is up next folks? Finally my production peak has slowed and I can do one of these again.


Hi all.
My idea would be to Sculpt a Deity…
You have to make a rendition of any Deity from any existing human mythology.

Having seen Immortals, I think it would be pretty cool.
Barring that, recreate a film poster as previously suggested.


I agree with Airflow!
I also agree with another idea that has been suggested: Hayo Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli Tribute
(If it hasn’t already been done … I dunno’)

I want to try this modeling challange now… For the first time… Maybe… :slight_smile:


Keep the Circus of Freak idea for the summer lol My idea! but I would like to participate…


Unfortunantely, nasa tribute wasn’t very sucessful. Comparing with last HCM (Pixar tribute).
Dreamworks tribute would be cool =p


I think the summer time is the best time. Many work or have school so I think the autumn contest is always low in participation.


Agreed Scote! Want Summer time NOW =D


Me too lol


I could do one called:

And guys about the NASA challenge…
We did ok, after all it is winter, and peopel are off with their families.


Icon of Anime… cool!

Roberto you mean like a character or any character of an Iconic Artist like Hayao Miyasaki? Maybe both


I have seen a lot of fantasy artwork, and I have to admit that the majority of certain creatures are always one gender such as fawns, goblins, ogres. Not to mention some specific named creatures like Medusa and the Minotaur.

I would like to suggest a mini challenge to create opposite genders of creatures that normally are only depicted as a single gender.


I am leaning to that…


Hehe, when do we start? :bounce:


Interesting idea. Your right about that… I only see a Goblin male … but a Goblin bit*ch would be nice lol


I think a Miyazaki challenge will give me no choice but to finally re-enter the challenge, whether I’m super busy or not.


OK guys, give me two weeks…


Ahhh, why I can’t play this game?? :frowning: why i’m a bachelor in final grade?? so cool subject!!!