another idea i had is with halloween coming it woul;d be cool to have a halloween themed challenge something like having kids in outfits doing halloween stuff. not regular monsters but have it so you know its some kid in a costume. they could be trick or treating, bobbing for an apple, toilet papering some house, any kind of a halloween thing as long it has something to do with kids in costumes and not just drawing up some monster. could even be a non organic like a haunted house or graveyard scene even.



I’ve been out of the loop for a while…any word on when/what the next challenge will be?? Great job on this one everyone! I was watching from afar!


i’d still like to see a “create your own star wars character” challenge…its both creatively freeing whilst giving us a set universe to work within


just had a cool idea for a modeling challenge called “Heavy Machines” while looking at some images on cgtextures. One could create heavy machinery like these guys:


I second the proposition. I would love to start my own SW character


i will love to challege my self with this please do it, it would be preatty fun and intersting


ugh, no star wars specific challenges please…so overdone


i like the idea of the heavy machines. What would be the limitations on subject matter as far as heavy machines go?


i like the idea of the heavy machines. What would be the limitations on subject matter as far as heavy machines go?


I just got an idea:

Circus Freaks / People of a Carnivale

I just finish Carnìvale (Tv show) and maybe all the freaks that we can think of (movie: Vampire Apprentice) can do the model.

Plenty of subjects and variations:

[li]The Management / Ringmaster;[/li][/ul]

[li]The Beard woman;[/li][li]The Lezardskin boy;[/li][li]The Siamese-twin;[/li][li]The Elephanman;[/li][li]The Fatlady;[/li][li]The Evildrawf (because there always one in it);[/li][li]The Giant;[/li][/ul]

[li]The Mentalist / Magician;[/li][li]The old Fortuneteller;[/li][li]The Strong man;[/li][li]The Clown;[/li][li]The Snakecharmer;[/li][li]The Swordeater / Knifethrower;[/li][li]The Acrobats;[/li][li]The Juggler;[/li][li]The Fireeater;[/li][/ul]
[/list]Animal related

[li]The Trained Animal (can be fantasy one like in Last Unicorn movie);[/li][li]The Animal tamer (Lion-tamer);[/li][/ul]
[/list]and so on…

What do you think? For me, I so excited!


Awesome idea!!


I love all of the suggestions, Once thing that helped me out as a beginning 3D artist was the 30 models in 30 days challenge. It was lax enough to bring people in, and tough enough to give already established modelers a challenge… with the different tiers and all. Its a RL acceptable goal too for asset creation, so it makes for a fun and productive challenge. i’m in on the movie poster challenge… gonna try to do Ash, from Evil Dead: Army of Darkness!!

Should be fun!


You post in the wrong topic man.

This topic is for your subject suggestion for the futures challenges


I was suggesting another 30 days 30 models challenge… but i guess i should have been more clear, thanks for pointing that out scote :thumbsup:


I suggest a contest for a badass still/animation of the Seal Team6 attack on the BinLaden spa and hotel. The animations on CNN, Fox, etc have been horrible. Mostly quick sketchup still with a tiny directtv dish ontop and a line pointing to “burning trash” … some dude did on their google earth pro package sitting way back behind wolf blitzer drinking a mountain dew voltage. I swear if I wasnt so busy on projects that actually make money… i’d at last do up a better, more detailed sketchup for print and stuff… followed by a full on helicopters crashing-bearded tatooed seals with no helmets jumpin out midair firing tracers everwhere, wierd fully prestige unlocked m4a1s with “badass” scratched into the side… that’s a content i might enter. Screw aliens, elves and robots. Heroes man, thats worth animating.


About the next challenge (pixar Tribute)

I think could be based on secondary characters, no Protagonists.

Thats it. =]


Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli Tribute

Reproduce in 3D a character/scene/diorama/weapon/etc. from one of the absolute perfect movies and universes of mr. Hayao Miyazaki


[li]Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind , 1984 film
[/li][li]Castle in the Sky , 1986 film
[/li][li]My Neighbor Totoro, 1988 film
[/li][li]Kiki’s Delivery Service, 1989 film
[/li][li]Porco Rosso, 1992 film
[/li][li]Princess Mononoke, 1997 film
[/li][li]Spirited Away, 2001 film (winner, Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, 2002)
[/li][li]Howl’s Moving Castle, 2004 film (nominee, Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, 2005)
[/li][li]Ponyo, 2008 film


How about a Space Race themed challenge?

This year marks the 50º anniversary of the first man in space and also the retirement of the space shuttle.


I would love to model something that is in my mind other than looking for references and make something equal =P hehe

The Young Adult Old topic is really cool.

The own star wars character is an amazing topic, people can make, jedis, siths, robots, aliens, spaceships… it covers alot of topics

In my opinion, game models would be cool, why? Because game models are always low poly, and making them high res, would be really nice.


The Star wars topic is saturated in these challenges.

And game charcater are low res yah! but they are always sculpt high res… maybe you refer of the oldest one: Megaman, mario, pacman (toff one :wink: )