Oh yes! Bring it on, I need it, but really, really challenging! Can’t wait, what are you waiting for? What’s the theme, what do I do, where do I go?


I’d be game over the summer break, assuming the first one or two turned out well. Definitely really interested to see what you’ve got planned Roberto.


Well I’ll be darned if you haven’t spiked my curiousity… I’m wondering what is so complex that you have in mind?


BaronImpossible’s challenge entry, of course.


Hmmm, I’d say that’s not as challenging these days really, if you get the shape right in Maya it’s basically just adding lots of bubbles in ZBrush… I’m actually fairly curious what you’ve got in mind Robert.


You guys have it all wrong. The challenge, naturally, will be to model Roberto. As a gorgeous woman.

runs away


recently I saw an object, was nothing big or especially fancy, where I thought “hey, that would be pretty challenging to model, even with zbrush”. Too bad I can’t remember at all what it was. I bet the challenge will just be to model that thing…hmm I really wish my memory were better :frowning:


The thing is that for the mini challenge that I have in mind, even Zbrush user would have to know what they are doing.

By the way, this would be an experiment, nothing ongoing.



Would you have to be good with fluid dynamics, how hardcore…

he he… some peoples imagintations tut tut…


Pure modeling.

The approach I am taking is that I want to see work that aims at the levels of the classical masters.

Hey I said it was hardcore.


well thinking about it like that, what about modelling directly from old masters anatomy sketches, like a full on hand complete with crud under fingernails?


Yep I am headed in that direction. The question is
one week too hardcore?



Model the fingerprint grooves! I want to see pores on that skin!


I’d probaby enter the challenge.

One week is not too hardcore.


i would say to disallow zbrush. when comparing zbrush to wings/silo/modo, its down right cheating. I dont have zbrush and i’m not stealing it for a challenge.


No ! You gotta allow Zbrush. Survival of the fittest. The disparity of ZBrush works vs all others these days is what is inspiring other devlopers to make a cheaper better Zbrush. This is how it all works man !


Why does it have to be one week?

I’d personally love a dedicated modeling challenge… that lasted maybe 2-4 weeks.
That way an insanly detailed model could be actually be accomplished.


damn…if I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I’d have a shitload of nickels.

Zbrush is a just a tool, it’s not as though you just stick a shitty model in and it becomes awesome - it takes skill and time to produce something of quality, just the same as any other modeling application.


i agree it takes a buttload of skill and don’t want to spin this topic off topic. However, you cannot honestly sit there and say it takes the same amount of time to create an ultra realistic hand in zbrush and in wings/silo/modo. that’s just absurd. Absurd I say!


is this opened for anyone or advanced modellers?