Ok how about Heroes of Saturday Morning?


That’s sort of the point, trying to attract people to participate. People tend to work harder things they WANT to make, I know I do. Most of the past challenges have been user ideas anyway.

Roberto, I don’t care whatever you decide. Just give me enough wiggle room to do something odd. :smiley:


I want to launch before Sunday, so lets focus on this…

Heroes of Saturday Morning?
Scifi Airshow
a Dreamworks Tribute.

What do you guys think?


Hello guys

I plan to compete in this challenge could you tell me what I have to do to enter.


I like the hero’s of Saturday morning


I would say “Heroes of Saturday Morning”!



…+1 other!


It would seem we all can agree on that, gets my vote.


Dig it! :thumbsup:


This is a link to a page that has a great list of 80’s cartoons. I didn’t know the list would be so huge I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and thought I had seen them all.


Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos (1987) to funny. I forgot about that cartoon, so funny. That list is great. Making me youtube old toons.


Just a thought, as I’m currently reading Tolkien’s Roverandom, and enjoying Roberto’s “Wizard of Oz” painting featured in another thread(“old work revisited”, I believe)…

Children’s Fantasy Adventure.

Books(Roverandom), picture books(Gruffalo), films(Never-ending Story) or TV(BBC’s Chronicles of Narnia). Something that has already been visualised or only exists in literature alone.


Just came across this guy’s work…now THAT would be hardcore modeling challenge…


not hardcore… rather suicidal.
But it’s sure beautiful :smiley:


I would really like some post apocalyptic themes in modeling contest, content can vary a lot so everyone could enter (character, environment artists etc…)

some references what I would imagine as post apocalyptic


Yeah could be cool…since new Mad Max is coming out


i would like to see a super hero contest


I think in general people like and participate more in a sci-fi challenge or a stylized one. Think of so many Star wars challenge HMC created and the success of the Pixar challenge or Ghibli tribute.

I will vote for an other sci-fi related challenge.

Also would be interesting to have the Poster challenge back again.


The Art of Falling: Creatures / Humans / Buildings / Objects falling to the ground.

Emotional Environment: Without characters, create a chosen mood using only the environment

New Age Chimera : Without using a popularized myth, join two or more animals into a new hybrid (No Minotaurs, Manticores, Griffons etc…)

Chupacabra Envisioned: Take a myth or legend that some believe exist and put an image to them (Chupacabra, Nessie, Bigfoot, etc…)